How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Bass Guitar Lessons Teacher for Your Child

Children start their learning of any skill with great enthusiasm and hope. So, as a parent, it is up to you to make sure that the enthusiasm is maintained and they master that skill instead of giving up in the middle of the course. You need to assess each prospective teacher, take into consideration your child’s limitations and then choose a teacher accordingly. For example, your child might have other classes as well or he / she might not be able to travel the long distance or there might be others constraints. Make a decision after thinking through everything. Some of the common things to consider are given below.


Most professionals charge standard fees and it is worth our while to enroll our kids in their class as they have the necessary skills and experience. It also does not mean that those who charge high fees provide excellent bass guitar lessons. Ask their students, get to know their accomplishments, sit through their classes once and then decide whether they are suitable teachers for your child.

Ability to teach

Great bassists might not always be great teachers. Often, they might not be able to connect with you on a level to teach you. Ask if you can sit through one of their guitar lessons. Most teachers welcome this idea and indeed, offer this suggestion themselves. But there are also a few teachers who might get offended. So, make sure you are careful about how you frame your request. You can also ask their students or other people familiar with his/her teaching style to know whether you can enroll you child in their class.


Students connect more easily and are more comfortable with the teachers who are friendly and patient rather than those who are strict which is only natural. Making lessons enjoyable and fun yields better results. They need to be easy going so as to ignore mistakes such as coming late once or twice. Staying too lenient will cause the students to not take their practice sessions or homework seriously. The teacher must understand this and have a fine balance of friendliness and strictness.

Make your basics strong

Make sure the teacher gives importance to learning the basics well. One should learn the basics and not skip the theory sessions. Practical sessions are important but no doubt, the theory is equally important. The stronger your base is, the easier you will find to learn as you move to more difficult lessons. Also, ask whether the teacher would also train them to read music notes which can come in handy anytime.

Avoid online lessons

As much material there is online to gain knowledge, it is not really the best source for learning, especially for a child who is just venturing into the world of guitars. You can use the web for increasing your child’s knowledge and learning more, but at this stage, it is always better if the child attends classes where the teacher can help him/her.

Take all these into consideration and practice as much as you can. To know more on practicing for a bass guitar lesson, For more on bass guitars, you can refer to