Violin Lessons: Preparing for Auditions


After you learn to play the violin, you can improve your skills by giving live performances. This can lead to more exposure, dealing with stage fright and also give you a confidence boost. You can give solo performances or be part of a musical band. For getting accepted into a program for the solo performance or into a band as a team member, you would have to undergo auditions and prove yourself. Preparing for auditions needs separate planning and preparation. Some of the things you can do in preparation for an upcoming event are given below.

Physical Preparation

A simple preparation for your big day is to avoid spicy and heavy food. Stick to a light meal and fresh fruit juices. Eating heavily might make you feel drowsy and you might not be able to concentrate on playing the violin with a full tummy. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before your audition is a must. To avoid stress, it is advisable that you create a good sleep pattern for yourself at least a month before and follow it.

Mental Preparation

Mentally prepare yourself. Go through the pieces you are planning to play. Do not hurry through your piece but play slowly and steadily and you will do great. It is only normal that you might sometimes have visions of failure and mistakes. Try to think positively and it will boost your confidence. This can actually impact your performance and you can play better. Do not get stressed if you make a mistake. Carry on playing. A small mistake can be overlooked if you give a good overall performance.


Create a routine before you start to play or perform and stick to it. Prepare this routine as soon as you take up violin lessons. It could be a few minutes of meditation, checking your instrument, cleaning it down and giving yourself a mental pep talk. This routine can act as a stress breaker and also give you a confidence boost. Make sure you include nothing that takes up a lot of time. This is aimed at clearing your mind and helping you focus on the task ahead.


Auditions are not always held in sound proof room where there are few chances of distractions. You should be ready to play in any environment without getting nervous or losing your concentration. For that, you have to practice in places with different acoustic settings. Practice as much as possible but also leave enough time for some other recreational activities to reduce stress. Keep your instrument clean and ready to play. Be ready with the songs you are planning to play and practice constantly with the selected pieces. Ask your mentor or teacher to listen and offer their advice. You can also record yourself and listen to yourself play. You can find where you are going wrong without relying on anybody.

Practicing at home to master a piece is quite different from practicing for playing live out there. It requires a different mindset, more concentration, and dedication. Follow the few tips mentioned here to have a successful audition and a great performance. Enjoy the feel of the instrument in your hand and go ahead! To know more on how to find a good teacher for your violin lessons, check out: For more on violins, you can go to