Qualities of Good Classical Guitar Teachers


Teachers are the ones who guide us and inspire us to achieve our goal. For learning classical guitar also, this stands true. Finding a good classical guitar teacher will be the first challenge you face and the most important decision you make. Try to find a professional teacher who has a career in playing classical guitar. Read on to know some of the qualities you should look for in an acoustic guitar teacher.

Encouraging and Patient

A teacher should be patient and encouraging while teaching. You should have total confidence in their ability to play and teach. Once you are past the beginner stage, there would be tough times, when you might feel that this is not for you or that you are not making any progress. This is the time when a teacher should be your pillar and patiently walk you through this phase and encourage you to practice more and achieve success. These attributes are usually found in those who are experienced and have performed themselves.

Flexible and moves at your speed

Not everyone can attend classes which are scheduled and the teacher expects strict attendance and punctuality. It is all good when one follows a regular schedule and is punctual. But with a busy schedule and other personal commitments, this might not always be possible. If your teacher does not allow flexibility in timings in your guitar lessons, then maybe you should search for someone who is more flexible. You can also have a talk with the teacher and try to arrange something that might suit everyone.

A teacher should not try to speed up in order to complete a piece early. Keep in mind that you are paying for the classes. If you are finding it hard and moving at a slow pace, do not worry at all. It is the teacher’s responsibility to guide you and not hurry you up.

Awareness of classical music

If you are planning to learn classical guitar, it is a good idea to find a teacher who has knowledge about classical music. Since your teacher is going to be your guiding spirit, try to look for a teacher who has professional experience in classical guitar playing. They should be able to teach you and guide you at every point which is possible only when they have a good idea about the genre.

More emphasis on practical lessons

There are many guitar teachers out there who pay more emphasis on theory and a demonstration rather than letting the student play the piece and then teach them the theory behind it. No doubt theory knowledge is important to know the concepts, but practical sessions are more important. If you practice in front of your peers and teacher in your class, they would be able to correct you.

These are some of the basic points which you should consider before you are ready to take up classical guitar lessons. Teachers mold you and make you what you become. It is very important that you pay attention to all these factors and choose a teacher accordingly. For tips on how to prepare for a live concert playing the Classical Guitar, check out: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/preparing-live-concert-playing-classical-guitar/. For more on classical guitars, you can go to www.guitarlessonssingapore.com.