Pop Singing Lessons: Care for Voice


As a singer, you must know that taking care of your voice must be one of the top priorities in your life. There are many small things which might cause harm to your voice. Read on to know some basic things to do and things to avoid for better maintenance of your voice.

Food and Drinks

It is advised that you take in plenty of fluids such as drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Try to avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol consumption as they tend to dehydrate your body. If you are taking any medications, ask your doctor, to recommend the ones which do not cause dryness of the vocal folds. Avoid spicy food and try to eat a balanced meal containing more grains and vegetables.

Healthy Lifestyle

Try to avoid smoking and be cautious of even passive smoking. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Do not use a mouthwash as they can cause irritation in your throat. If you travel a lot, it is advised that you carry water with you. Staying hydrated all the time is very important.

Avoid stress

Singing or over-using your voice when already tired can cause you to lose your voice permanently. The reason there is so much emphasis on sleeping is because it gives your voice time to recover from the stress and get back to normal again. You can also do exercises for your throat to keep it in a good shape. You will learn this in your pop singing classes. You can also go for voice therapy. Voice therapists are experienced and would be able to guide you better on how to use your voice. You can use a humidifier to keep your throat hydrated and avoid drying of the vocal cords. They need to be cleaned every day. Ideally, you can set them at 30% humidity.

Practice within limits

It is true that the more you practice, the better you will become. But there should be a limit to it each day. Do not strain your voice by practicing or singing for a long time. This will cause strain and harm to your vocal folds which can have severe consequences. It is better to skip a few practice sessions or practice a few hours less every day than to strain your voice when already stressed or when ill.

Warm up exercises

There are a few warm up exercises for your throat and vocal cords. This makes the vocal cords and the diaphragm ready. You will be taught this in your singing classes and you can also learn more of them online. One thing to keep in mind is to refrain from clearing your throat often. Try to have water and soothe your throat rather than clearing your throat in a rough manner. This can cause damage to the vocal cords.

Take all these into consideration and take care of your voice. It is the most important thing in your life as a singer. Try to be cautious and do not over exert yourself ever. If you are a beginner looking for pop singing lessons and want to know what qualities a good pop singing teacher must possess, you can refer to http://singinglessonssingapore.com/singing-lessons-qualities-good-pop-singing-teacher/. For more on Pop singing, you can go to http://singinglessonssingapore.com/.