Bass Guitar Maintenance


Owning a guitar comes with various responsibilities and caring for them is a major one. It will cost you your time and you will have to put in the effort, but it will be worthwhile. Your guitar will have a longer life and the sound quality would be good as well. Following most of the tips for caring for your guitar will take very little of your time, but one needs to be dedicated in order to follow it consistently. All this would be taught in your guitar lessons.

Clean the guitar on a regular basis

One should get into the habit of giving the guitar a wipe down every time you finish playing. Dust and oil from your skin can spoil the guitar. If the dust gets accumulated in the tiny wedges of the instrument, the sound quality would drastically go down and it would be a big task to clean it and bring it back to the original form. It is better to clean it every time you use it. It is not only good for the functioning of the guitar but when your instrument looks clean and shiny, it will also encourage you to play. It is better to avoid using water to clean it as chlorine present in water might prove to be harmful to the instrument.

Proper Storage

Storing the guitar properly is one of the things you should pay attention to. The guitar storage cases come in various types, such as hard cases, soft cases, gig bags etc. Each one has its own advantages but the best one offering protection for your guitar would be the hard case. They offer protection against a potential fall, extreme temperatures or humidity. The price is something you must consider.

Keep at room temperature

Bass guitars are made of wood which can get ruined when it is kept in extreme temperatures such as too high heat or cold. You can use a hard case to protect your guitar. You can also use a humidifier which will keep the guitar in perfect condition. Heat can cause the wood to swell while cold can cause the wood to crack. So, it is better to invest in a hard case or any other storage case or bag.

Polish the guitar

The guitar is an instrument which can get dirty with frequent use. It should be polished at regular intervals to maintain its glossy finish. Use a little polish and take a soft cloth to apply it. You can remove the strings which will help you clean and polish the fretboard better. One main thing to remember is to never use furniture polish for your guitar. This can cause a change in density which can affect the sound quality of the guitar.

Tune it

Tuning should be regularly done to keep your guitar in excellent condition. You will be taught to tune the guitar at beginners’ guitar lessons. You would also learn to adjust the strings and other minor maintenance tips. Tuning your guitar before you play is also a good idea.

Maintaining your guitar perfectly will let you enjoy your guitar for a longer time and you can get more hours of pleasure. To know how to select a good bass guitar teacher, you can check out: For an overview of bass guitars, please refer to