Types of Acoustic Guitars – Shapes– Part II


Acoustic guitars can be classified in different ways. In the article http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/guitar-lessons-types-acoustic-guitars-tonewood-part/, we saw the different types of wood that goes in the construction of a guitar and how they affect tone and performance. In this article, we will be looking at the different shapes in which acoustic guitars come and why they are significant. The shape of the guitar is the foremost factor in ensuring your comfort. So even if you are just taking basic acoustic guitar lessons, shape is still as important as when you are performing on stage.


Jumbo guitars are supersized guitars that work well for large people. It is very hard to hold because of its bulk, but if you can get comfortable with one, you will receive a wonderful deep sound. Jumbo guitars are used for bass playing and can be used in country music. It is also a great strumming guitar.


The dreadnought, like the jumbo, is a great strumming guitar. It is also the most commonly used guitar and is considered the default shape in the musical world. It is a large guitar, though smaller than the jumbo and has a shape similar to the classical guitar. Dreadnought is suitable for bass and is considered good for voice accompaniment.

Grand Auditorium

The grand auditorium is a wonderful guitar for solo performances. It is quite popular for those who want a good tone but not as deep as the bass of jumbo and dreadnought. The guitar is of average size and is often chosen by women because it offers more comfort. The other advantage of the grand auditorium is that it can be used for a variety of different styles and has excellent balance and projection.

Grand Concert

The grand concert model is the closest one gets to the classical guitar. This guitar is large in size, but of a very different variety than the jumbo. It is quieter than most other guitars but this is not a disadvantage since it offers a clear and bright tone and an even sound. Suitable for soloists, this guitar is an all-rounder, apt for different types of musical genres.


Similar to the grand concert model, the concert guitar too has more curvature than the other models. It has a lower frequency range than the grand concert, but is every bit as convenient and suitable.


Parlour guitars, or baby guitars, are guitars that are very small in size and are suitable for children guitar lessons. It is also very suitable for short people. The tone is light and the guitar is very suitable for fingerpicking. It is not very good for ensemble playing but works well for solo sessions. This can be an excellent first guitar for most people.

When choosing a guitar shape, concentrate on the comfort factor first. If you are uncomfortable with a shape, you will soon find yourself with chronic pain. The next factor should be the tone. It has to work for you. Some guitars are also more suitable for certain music genres than others, while some are more useful for ensemble playing, some for solo performances, and so on. While choosing a guitar, consider all the factors and pick the most suitable one which fulfils most of your requirements.

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