Why Choose Electric Guitar?


There are very strong factions out there who swear by acoustic guitar and then there are those which are strong supporters of the electric guitar. However, both are good depending on your own comfort level and requirements. There are certain advantages to choosing an electric guitar over the other type. If you are thinking of taking up guitar, then basic electric guitar lessons might be a good choice. Here’s why!

Easy to Learn

Electric guitar is by far the easiest to learn. Though many people believe that it is best to learn on an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar is really easy to begin with. On the other hand, if you have had some acoustic guitar training, then nothing is stopping you from taking electric guitar lessons for beginners and shining at them. Since the strings are located closer to the frets, it is easier to push it down. The width of the neck is shorter which also makes it easier to hold down the chords. The strings of the electric guitar are much softer, making it easier on your hands and stringing them is also much faster and easier. Overall, if you are looking for ‘easy’, go for the electric guitar.


One of the biggest attractions of the electric guitar for guitarists is the variety of sounds it can produce. With an electric guitar in your hand, you virtually become a master of sound. With the aid of electronic devices, you can create different types of sound effects, which come in handy when you are experimenting. If you are seeking to experiment with music and try out different styles, then an electric guitar is the best way to do it with. Anything is possible here!

Lack of Noise

Yes, you read it right. While the electric guitar produces a nice and clear tone and has the capacity to blast off your eardrums (and those of anyone nearby), it need not be so. With headphones plugged on, the sound you produce is for you alone. You will no longer alienate your family members or annoy your neighbors with the sound. With no one objecting to the noise, you can practice whenever you like, day or night.

Variety of Musical Genres

The electric guitar can be used in playing different styles of music because it has the capacity to produce different types of sounds. It is used heavily in more aggressive music like rock and metal, but can be put to other uses as well. In fact, in comparison to acoustic and classical guitars, the electric guitar lends itself to far more musical genres, making it extremely versatile. Whether country or hip-hop, rock or swing, blues or jazz, the electric guitar is your friend.


Most electric guitars tend to have thin bodies, which make them easy to hold and grasp. It is also ultimately easier on your shoulder. Though this is not a strict rule, since there are electric guitars in different shapes and weights, you have a lot of choices when it comes to lightweight electric guitars. This characteristic also makes it a good choice for those who are not physically very strong.

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