Tips for Ukulele Beginners Lessons


Ukulele is a very old but an extremely popular instrument. If you are planning to take up ukulele, it is only natural that you seek to know more about your first ukulele lesson and tips to ace them. Read on to know so that you will have a better idea when you start with the lessons.

Buy a suitable ukulele

Most of the shops would let you try the instrument before buying. Take along a friend who has a bit of experience and they would be able to help you out. If you are totally clueless, you can also ask your teacher to accompany you. What you learn and how fast you learn will depend on how good the guitar is. If it is of a very cheap quality, you might spend more time in tuning it rather than playing or practicing. So, it is totally worth your while to buy a good ukulele and consider it a one-time investment.

Master the basics

You might be eager to start playing your favorite songs on the uke, but remember to go slow. Make sure you have mastered the basics before you jump on to complex notes. Learn the majors and minors well and then move on to the other chords. Learning the basics will help you progress much faster when you move past the beginner stage.

Play along!

One of the most fun methods to learn is to play along while watching a video or listening to an audio and matching them. There are heaps of ukulele videos posted online. You will learn a lot by watching their style. By playing along, you will come to know about the rhythm, chords and other nuances of playing the ukulele. This method is good when you lack friends who play the instrument or you are not part of a band yet. Practicing alone without aid might not help you

Exercise your fingers

Doing regular fingering exercises can help you play for a long time without hurting yourself. When you initially start playing the instrument, your hands and fingers would hurt because they are not used to repeated pressure. Doing this for 10 minutes a day should be sufficient. This will help you in the long run and you will learn faster as you will not need to take a break to give your fingers a bit of rest to recover!

Record yourself

It is difficult to understand where you are going wrong when you are playing. The best solution for this is to record your self while playing and listen to yourself later. You can find out where the problem is and you do not need to be dependent on anyone for this. And you can do this as many times as needed! You can also show this recording to your teacher if you require professional advice.

If you are a beginner planning to take up ukulele lessons, these tips would help you in making progress much faster and you will also have fun while learning! If you make sure that the process of learning is filled with fun and enjoyment, you are sure to master it sooner! To learn more about ukulele for beginners, check out: For more on ukulele, you can refer to