Qualities of a Good Jazz Singing Teacher


Once you have decided to take up jazz singing, the first step is to find a good and suitable teacher for you. They are going to guide you and so it important that you find the best teacher for your jazz singing lessons. A teacher should ideally be able to clear all your doubts and is experienced enough that they help you to not make the mistakes they once did as a beginner. Some of the qualities you should look out for in a jazz singing teacher are below.

Makes the lessons fun

Any skill you wish to learn or lessons you want to take must be fun. Anything that makes it boring or seems like a chore will not motivate you to pursue it further. You need discipline and dedication to perfect your jazz singing lessons. But at the same time, along with all the practice you put in, you also need to make sure that you make it fun. Before taking up classes, ask around how the atmosphere of the class is set and whether it is informal and casual. Also know where you will be able to pick up a lot more knowledge.


This is an extremely important factor for many people. From kids to adults not everybody makes it to classes on time. If you have a teacher who is not comfortable with the idea of flexibility or to have a few classes at an alternate time, then maybe you should look for other teachers. Being stressed out about making it to the classes on time will not have a positive impact on your learning. So consider this when you look for a teacher.

Practical Lessons

There are many teachers who teach the theory and expect you to practice and learn the singing yourself. It is advisable that you select teachers who demonstrate the vocal exercises and show you where you are going wrong. This will also help you in understanding better and progress faster. As a beginner, without demonstration, you might not even be able to understand what your teacher is asking you to do. Make sure your teacher is active in class and helps you out immediately when you go off the track.


A teacher who is strict about practice hours and classes might sometimes not be comfortable for most people. If you are a slow learner or you take your time for each exercise, getting frustrated is not a good quality for a teacher. Apart from this, they should also be patient enough to answer your queries politely and with respect. With a teacher who is friendly and flexible, you will find it the easiest to learn.

Learning jazz singing is a great idea which needs proper coaching and lessons from an experienced person. Your teacher is going to be the person to introduce to the world of musical joy. Be careful while you choose the teacher. Remember that you deserve the best!

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