Qualities of Good Acoustic Guitar Teachers

You have decided to learn acoustic guitar! That is great news. The first step is to find out the best teachers nearby for your acoustic guitar lessons. This is one of the most important decisions you will take while learning guitar. You should find a teacher who would be able to produce the best out of you. There are a lot of people who just know the basics and they start teaching guitar. It is better in the longer run that you find a professional and experienced teacher to help you achieve your dream. Read on to know some of the qualities you should look out for in an acoustic guitar teacher.


You should find a teacher who is patient enough to answer your concerns and queries. They should not lose their temper or answer abruptly if you ask them to repeat a piece. The teacher should be your guiding spirit and you should be able to rely on them. If you do not feel them radiating that confidence, then maybe that teacher is not for you. There would be times when you will lose confidence in yourself and it will seem like you are heading nowhere. This is the time the teacher should patiently guide you.


A person who is a professional, has the experience of learning and performing in live shows would be able to teach you a lot more than the people who know guitar and teach as a way to earn some money. Professional experience counts for a lot and they would be able to guide you better and stop you from making the mistakes they would have once made or seen others make in their career. Experience never goes to waste. Apart from teaching how to play the guitar, they should also be able to guide you to perform in a band.


You might have a busy schedule and not be able to make it to every class. Make sure before joining that the teacher is flexible enough to change the timings and accommodate you later.

Most teachers also have a lesson plan for the whole course which they follow dedicatedly. That is a good thing but they should also be able to go at your pace. If you lack interest in the piece your teacher is showing you, request them something you like. This means the teacher would have to deviate from the lesson plan. But this is for a good reason as you will learn better when you are learning something you like.

Non-music values

Playing an instrument is not always just about learning to play. One also needs to learn about caring for the acoustic guitar, being disciplined, have regular practice hours, be goal-oriented and achieve your dreams. So, find a teacher who would teach everything in your guitar lessons.

As a beginner, these are some of the basic points which you need to know before you are ready to take up classes. You can only learn to play successfully when you truly enjoy the feeling of producing beautiful music. Ask you teacher the piece of music you like so that your interest will always be alive. To learn more on where you could be going wrong, check out: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/acoustic-guitar-lessons-for-beginners-how-to-break-bad-habits/. For more on acoustic guitars, you can refer to www.guitarlessonssingapore.com.