Benefits Of Private Home Classical Guitar Lessons


Classical guitar is an extremely popular instrument. Many people, old and young, want to learn to play the guitar and enjoy. For classical guitar enthusiasts, there are a couple of ways you can begin your education.

Private Home Lessons

For young kids or people who tend to be shy or are self-conscious in front of others, learning at home in private can be a very good thing. You will get personal attention and you do not need to worry about others.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are usually conducted with a few students at a music school. You will be provided with a good instrument and sound-proof rooms for your practice sessions which you might lack if you learn at your house.

Benefits Of Private Home Classical Guitar Lessons


One can learn the best in a comfortable environment where there is no stress or pressure. For this reason, getting private home classical guitar lessons is a good idea. There would be no stress to compete with your peers or pressure of going at the same pace as your fellow students if you opt for learning at home.

Saves time on commute

If your child is young and you do not have enough time to spend in dropping and picking up your child from the class, you can go for home lessons. You will probably save time that would otherwise be eaten by traffic and travel time.

If you are too busy with your work and other commitments to travel for your adult classical guitar classes, then it would be a better idea for you to get private home lessons from a competent teacher.

Go at your speed

As part of a group of students learning the same skill, chances are that you would either be held back by other students’ slow progress or you would be struggling to match their pace. Learning at home in one-to-one sessions can enable you to move at your speed. You will gain a better rapport with the teacher and hence, learn much more quickly.

Lessons crafted for individual

In music schools, they would have fixed lesson plans which the teachers would follow strictly. The main benefit of private home lessons is that you can request the teacher to have lesson plans tailored according to your progress, interests and ability. This will raise your skills significantly and help in boosting your self-confidence as well.


Though there are plenty of benefits of learning at home, one main drawback you should consider is the cost of the tuition. The fee would be higher if you take up private home classes. If you feel that this drawback is worth the other benefits of private classes, then you can go for this.

Your main goal should be to learn to play the guitar for your enjoyment. If you are too self-conscious or shy to clear your doubts in front of other students, then learning at home may be the best option for you.

Guitar, or any musical instrument for that matter, can be learned at any age. All you need is the dedication and the passion for learning and playing. To know what to expect from beginner’s guitar lesson, check out this link: For more on classical guitars, you can refer to