Preparing for Auditions After Bass Guitar Lessons


Once you learn to play the bass guitar, the best way to improve yourself is to give live performances. This would not only motivate you to practice harder but also give a huge confidence boost. For getting a team or a band to accept you, you would have to audition. No matter how good you are, you need some preparation to audition and get the part. After your bass guitar lessons, taking part in a live performance is the best thing. Some of the things you can do in preparation for an upcoming events are given below.

Physical and Mental Preparation

Even if you know the piece you are auditioning for perfectly, you need to be mentally prepared. Along with this, your body needs to be in top condition on the day of the audition. Sleep deprivation, body tiredness and lack of energy can lead to a bad performance. Eat healthy food, sleep for 7-8 hours a day and do not over-practice. Take deep breaths to calm yourself and start the practice of meditation.

Care for your instrument

Make sure your instrument is in good shape. Change the strings if required. Give it a thorough cleaning. A good instrument will go a long way in boosting your confidence and improve your performance drastically. Taking your own guitar would be an added advantage as you would be more comfortable with the instrument you have practiced with. Taking the guitar they offer might lead you to stumble as you might be unfamiliar with that model and this can be a bad scenario.


If you have decided to audition, then you must be quite a good player and past the beginner stage. More often than not, you might have been practicing in sound-proofed rooms that offer fewer distractions. But the auditions might not be held in such conditions. There could be overwhelming noise, a large crowd, and uncomfortable atmosphere. You need to practice in such conditions in order to be able to play at any given point of time, anywhere.

Mock performances

After you are ready with the piece you are going to perform in the auditions, try to gather an audience and play for them. This can give you an idea of how it would be to perform in front of people. You can invite your friends, family, peers, fellow drummers or people from your band or drumming school. Receive suggestions from the audience and work on them diligently. Enjoy playing and do not stress yourself much.

Prepare your song list

Find out what kind of music style the band is looking for. Carefully craft a list of songs and practice them. Consult your teacher from whom you take guitar lessons or an experienced friend if the songs you have chosen are suitable for the audition. Starting to prepare early in this regard would aid you highly. If you are a beginner and auditioning for the first time, mistakes are expected. Do not lose hope if you make a mistake. Recover gracefully and the play to the end the performance calmly.

Take all these into consideration and practice as much as you can. That is the key to playing like a pro. To know more on practicing for a bass guitar lesson, For more on classical guitars, you can refer to