Jazz Guitar Lessons: Home or Classes?


Jazz guitar is an immensely popular instrument. There are various ways you could start with the jazz guitar lessons. There are many factors that come in when you take such a decision. Consider each one carefully and make the right decision. Some of the factors you should consider are given below. Take a look!


This is a good factor to think about when the candidate taking the lessons is shy and hesitant to put forth his doubts in front of a group of people. If there are no suitable classes near your location, or if it would be difficult for you to travel due to your schedule, you can go for home classes. This is when the music tutor come to your house and teach. This can become a bit lonely for people who love to interact, though. You can also ask a teacher to teach you and a group of friends of your choice.  You would only need to get a couple of friends who also want to learn. Just remember to make your group small where you would be comfortable and not lonely.

Financial view

You would be getting personal attention if you hire a private tutor. Keep in mind that home classes would be much more expensive than the other option. But music is something that should bring joy to the person learning it. It is always more fun when you learn in a group. You are liable to learn more by interacting with your peers. But in situations where it is not possible for you to travel a long distance or you prefer one-to-one learning sessions, you can go for private home lessons. This would be a bit more expensive than group classes.


If you are learning with a group of people, there would be friendly competitions which could act as a motivation for you to perform better. You would also take out time at home to practice and shine during your guitar lessons. You need to have a good discipline for learning at home. Since there would be nobody with whom you can compare your playing skills, you would need to be a self-motivated person aiming to get better everyday.


Consider the fact whether you have enough space in your house for a guitar lesson to take place without disturbing others in the house and whether space is big enough to accommodate you and the teacher comfortably. The advantage of going to classes is that they would have the instrument and space for you to practice in peace and in comfort. There might even be sound-proofed rooms to avoid disturbing others.

Level of expertise

If you are a beginner, then you would probably get more out of group sessions where you would get to learn from your peers as well as the teacher. If you are well past the status of a beginner and you do not know of any classes with students the same level as you, then maybe you can consider home lessons where the class would go according to your pace and level.

There are going to be challenges that you will have to face. But conquering them and reaching your goal will make it all the more special. This will also be a huge boost to your confidence. To know how to become a better jazz guitar player, check out this link: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/guitar-lessons-better-jazz-guitar-player/. For more on jazz guitars, you can refer to www.guitarlessonssingapore.com.