Tips for Beginner Cello Players


Cello is a string instrument and is known for its wide presence in European classical music. Even today, the cello has a large following. For those of you who want to learn the cello, it is never too late. Read on to know some tips for beginner cello players which you might useful in your beginner cello lessons.

Start right away!

Do not wait for the “right time”. The present is the right time. Find good beginner’s cello lessons nearby and get started. Ask around in schools, clubs, colleges, friends and colleagues to know about teachers and decide which one would suit you the best. Consider factors such as the timing, flexibility, private or group lessons and then take a decision. Location and the distance from your home can also be a consideration at times. Make a checklist of all the things that affect your decision and choose the one that matches best with your requirements.

Do not wait to finish the theory lessons

There is no need for you to finish the theory part of the instrument before you are allowed to touch the cello. Practice and theory knowledge go hand in hand. You must have favorites which you can start playing. For any help, you can always approach your teacher. If you start with theory classes, most of the knowledge will go right over your head. If practical lessons run parallel, you are more likely to understand better.

Try not to disturb others while practicing

Try to fix your practice hours such that you do not disturb the others in your house. Select a time when you would be alone in the house or when the noise is fine with the others. Practicing while the other members are sleeping, studying or working can be inconsiderate and you will not be able to practice with a peaceful mind.

Set goals

Setting goals is an excellent idea. The exhilarating feeling of having achieved a goal and ticking it off can act as a motivation and provide encouragement for you to continue. You can do this by planning both short-term goal and long-term goal. Short-term goals can be the thing you want to achieve in a particular practice session. Long-term goals can be where you see yourself in a year’s time.

Listen to yourself

An advice which is given to every aspiring musician is to record themselves playing the cello and afterwards listening to it carefully. You can find out your mistakes and figure out where you are going off the track. It is a relatively easy and cheap option and one which works wonders. You can also show this recording to your mentors or teachers and ask for their suggestions or the improvements that can be done.

Concentrate, practice and enjoy!

The mantra everyone should follow. Practice sessions should start with a few deep breaths which can help you get rid of the stress and tension. You will slide into the right mindset for playing the instrument. Once you are at peace and start the practice session, concentrate and learn. Enjoy the feeling of producing awesome music!

Now that you know some of the main tips that would be useful for a beginner cellist, get started immediately. Practice is the key. To know how to improve you cello skill, check out this link: For more on cello, you can refer to