Preparing for a Live Concert Playing the Classical Guitar


Learning to play the classical guitar is a popular choice. One excellent way to show your talent to the world is to perform in a live concert. If you have made the decision to perform in a live concert, take into consideration many factors such as whether you have reached the level of mastery to perform in front of a live audience. Apart from the fact that going live enables you to perform in front of many, it also brings about a sense of positivity and a boost of confidence.

Prepare your performance song list

This is the first step towards preparing to play on the stage. It is not necessary that you have to take up hard songs, you can give an equally good performance with easy songs. The main factor is that you should know the piece you mean to play excellently. Preparing in advance will bring about a certain mindset toward practicing the pieces you have chosen. You will not remain vague anymore and this can lead to a lot of practicing and eventually, a brilliant performance.

Practice with the team/band

If you practice alone and know the piece well, you would be surprised to learn that when you play with the band, there could be disharmony all around. Try to get in as much practice time as possible with your band-mates. No matter how well you know a song or a piece, it is going to need a different kind of skill to play it with other people. If you do not synchronize with the others or the timing is off, it can lead to a bad performance. You can prevent all this by putting in regular efforts to play the piece together. Team practice can help you all synchronize the piece and coordinate and give a great performance all around. Your classical guitar lessons can be helpful here.

Mock Performances

Mock performances are warm-up exercises that you can do in front of a live audience to get a feel of how it is going to be up on the stage. If this is the first time you are going to be performing live, this kind of mock performance can be a big confidence booster. These performances can also help in testing your command over the songs you plan to play along with seeing how you and the rest of the band coordinate and synchronize. Some places where you can give mock performances include a school, a retirement home, a college, a local club, or a social gathering.

Sound Checks

Making sure that all the instruments and the sound are in perfect order is a necessary job and one that should be taken seriously. Never ever try to compromise on the sound check else it can be a total disaster. Try to play all possible notes and chords to make sure every nuance is heard. Be in touch with the sound technician to make sure that all is in working order. This will lead to an effective performance.

To achieve a relatively good standard of playing the classical guitar, all you need is practice and the interest to learn and play. Enjoy the feeling of playing the classical guitar. That’s all that is needed! To know what to expect from beginners guitar lessons, check out this link: For more on classical guitars, you can refer to