Guitar Lessons: Importance of Bass Guitar Storage


Bass guitar is a string instrument which is highly popular with everyone. Many people start taking bass guitar lessons even well into their adulthood. That is great! But you should also know how to take care of the bass guitar and how to store it properly. Read on to know about the various storage ideas you can use for storing your bass guitar.


The humidity should be in the 45-55% range. Too high or too low humidity or moisture can cause the guitar to warp or to break. Cracks can develop or the glue holding together the wood can snap off. Use a humidifier in the case or in the room with your guitar for regulating the humidity. Expensive guitar made of plywood can survive these conditions though it is suggested you do not try it.


The ideal temperature of your surrounding should be about 65-75 °F or 18-24 °C. Try to avoid exposing the guitar to any natural element such as the sun, the rain, or the snow. Using this simple precaution can help your guitar live a long life. High temperature can cause damage to the strings. Never keep the guitar in your car for a long time or leave it out in the open. These are sure ways to destroy the guitar.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are seen on the walls of a shop where the guitars are hanging from them. You can install one such hook in your house to enable you to hang your bass guitar. The chances of someone tripping over it or the chances of the guitar falling down are almost negligible. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the hook should be inside a room and not in a place which is exposed to elements.

Guitar Stands

While the wall hooks take the full weight of the upper part of the guitar, the guitar stand gives support to the bottom part of the guitar. There are different types of stands for different types of guitar. If possible, when you go to purchase the stand, take your guitar along so that you can make sure that the guitar fits in comfortably on the stand.

Guitar cases

Guitar cases come in two types: guitar hard cases and gig bags. Gig bags are easier to carry and offer good protection as well. These bags do not give good protection against humidity or temperature. Hard cases are the better option if you want protection against a potential fall, temperature or humidity. If you are planning to travel, then hard cases are the ideal choice. Though hard cases are the better option in every aspect, the price is a downside.

Soft cases are another option you can go for. They will not give much protection against a fall or a hard hit but they offer good security against the dust and temperature. Make sure the case or bag is not too big or small to accommodate the guitar as that can damage the guitar.

Take all these storage conditions into consideration and follow them as much as you can. That is the key to making sure your guitar will have a long life. To know more about  bass guitar lessons, check out For more on bass guitars, you can refer to