How To Excel In Beginner Keyboard Lessons


Keyboards are quite popular today due to the ease of learning. Most keyboards available today are synthesizers. The modern keyboard looks much like a piano but is not that large nor is it that heavy. It is favored by the young people who are interested in learning a musical instrument. Below are a few tips on how to excel in beginners keyboard lessons.

Understand the instrument

Everyone needs to have a rapport with their instrument and keyboard is no different. Understand the keyboard and get familiar with it. Learn the various parts and their functionalities, the correct terminologies used and the like. Once you have a better idea of the instrument, you will be able to progress better and at a much faster speed.

Learn to read and understand music

If you are serious about learning the keyboard, then you must also make the effort to learn to read the music. Learning to read music can not only help you with an instrument such as the keyboard but also with any other instrument that you may want to learn in the future. You can learn this on your own using various books, the internet, taking keyboard lessons or asking a friend.

Train your ear

Try to understand just by listening which key is used to play a note. No doubt, it will be difficult at first, but this can be very useful for you. You will be able to understand the nuances of music better and thus, perform better. You will get better at this after a bit of practice. Getting to know how to play and which notes or keys to use will definitely help you in the future should you feel like composing.

Practice hard!

No one can master anything if they do not practice hard enough. Try to set aside at least 15 minutes for practice every day. Overdoing it by even an hour can cause frustration and cause you to feel irritation and a lack of interest in playing the instrument. Practicing a little every day is the best option. You can also come up your own little combinations and try to jot them down and try it on the keyboard.

Care for your instrument

Most instruments can last for years and the keyboard is no different. Make sure that you clean the keyboard regularly else the dust can form inside and cause the keys to get stuck. Take a look at the instruction manual before you get down to cleaning especially if it is an electric keyboard. Caring for your keyboard is one of the most basic things you need to keep in mind.

Storage is another concern. Get a case, a cover or a bag for your keyboard when you purchase it. This can help against potential falls and act as a barrier against the dust. Keeping your keyboard safe and sound will probably help you go a long way in learning and performing brilliantly.

As mentioned above, to truly excel at the keyboard, or any instrument, you need to take care of it so that it can have a longer life. If you are a beginner and do not own a keyboard yet and are looking for tips on how to buy a keyboard, check out this link:  For more on musical keyboards, you can refer to