Tips to Make You a Better Electric Guitar Player


The Electric guitar is a popular choice among the young and the old alike. Learning to play the electric guitar is quite a common ambition. But not many people succeed and it is not always due to lack of practice or proper direction. Learning to play not only requires hard work and effort, but also smartness. Here are some tips for you to make you a better electric guitar player.

Increase your knowledge

The world of music is infinite and if you are a beginner, you should make the effort to learn something new every day. Be it a chord, a song, an exercise or a pattern. Learning will never go to waste. When you are past your beginner stage, this knowledge would help you to express yourself flawlessly on the electric guitar.


Practice is the most important thing to do while you are learning. Try to get together with the group of people you learn guitar with or arrange a meet up with like-minded people. This will allow you to practice with others which will turn out to be highly beneficial. You can also use virtual bands and tracks available on the net to do the same. Playing or practicing with other people will improve your sense of timing and consistency. And it is always fun to learn with a group of people than doing it alone.

Record your playing

Use a recorder to record yourself while playing the electric guitar. Take some time out and listen to it later. This is a very effective way of getting to know where you need more improvement. If you have not joined any electric guitar lessons, this method is one of the easiest ways you can correct yourself. Since you will not have a teacher to guide you, you can do so yourself as listening to yourself play can let you know where you go wrong or off the track.

Learn to read music

Learning to read music will help you become a better musician all around. Reading the music not only involves the notes but also the pause, the composition and the other tiny things that make up music. Learning to read music can help your chances of performing in a big band where they share music notes and let you play accordingly.

Follow correct body posture

The right body posture involves keeping a straight back, being mindful of the position of your hands and the like. You can also use a foot stool which can provide a slightly more comfortable position for you to sit and play. It is necessary to take breaks while playing or practicing to stretch yourself and clear your mind.

Give your everything

You might not have been a very good beginner but you will undoubtedly grow better as time goes on and you practice regularly. Give your everything to the piece you are playing and you will definitely stir your audience.

Above are some tips to make you a better electric guitar player. Another main aspect of learning to play your guitar well is to know how to maintain it. Your guitar lessons would teach you that. To know more on how to maintain your guitar, check out: For more on electric guitars, you can refer to