Ukulele Lessons: Ukulele Accessories for Beginners


As with every instrument, there comes an assortment of accessories to be used while playing. The Ukulele is no different and there are a lot of accessories that are advertised to be used while playing the ukulele. Not all of them are necessary or even very useful, but there are a few that a beginner might find handy. Read on to know.

Ukulele Tuner

In the start, while you are just starting out with learning ukulele, tuning the instrument can be tough. A good reliable tuner can save you a lot of time and energy. There are a lot of tuners available in the market. Do your research carefully and find out the one which suits you the best. Bear in mind, cheap ones are not necessarily bad ones. There are quite a few tuners available for less cost that does the work perfectly.

Case for your ukulele

Getting a case or a bag for your uke is almost a necessity especially if you plan to travel with it. It will keep it safe from rough handling. There are uke cases available at reasonable rates and even with padding on the inside. So your uke would be cozy and safe inside if you need to take it to your ukulele lessons. These soft cases can be used to sling the uke and you can take off. Apart from a bag which is not very rigid, you can also go for a hard case. They offer more protection but are a bit on the expensive side. It is advisable to invest in a hard case if you travel a lot. They survive the little bit of hard handling as well.

Another good thing about these cases is that they have pockets where you can store your other ukulele accessories.

Ukulele stand

If you are not very keen to spend money on a case, you can go for a stand for your ukulele. The stands are foldable and easy to move. You can get it in a variety of fashion and designs with various sizes too. Think about whether a stand or a case would suit you well before buying.


If you live in a place where you are liable to face extreme conditions, consider getting a humidifier. Both very hot and very cold climate can affect your ukulele adversely. To prevent any mishaps, you can keep a humidifier in the case with your uke. Please do note that humidifiers need to be maintained properly.

 A recording machine

Using a recorder to record yourself play the ukulele can be the easiest way to practice and find out your mistakes. You can use this simple method, especially as a beginner, to listen to yourself and find out where you are going off track. Since you cannot always have your teacher or mentor nearby while you practice and point out the mistakes, this can be an effective and easy way. Since it does not involve anyone, you will also not be dependent on others.

Now that you know what are all the necessary accessories needed for the ukulele, you can buy whatever suits your needs and get started on your ukulele beginner lessons. To learn more about ukulele for beginners, check out: For more on ukuleles, you can refer to