Singing Lessons: Qualities of a Good Pop Singing Teacher


Teachers are the ones who can take you a long way. You might start your beginner classes knowing little or nothing. They are the ones who mold you, teach you, and make sure you have got the hang of singing perfectly. So, it is a matter of utmost importance to find the best-suited teacher for your pop singing lessons. Read below to know the characteristics of an ideal pop singing teacher.


Make sure the person you find is knowledgeable enough. Not only in the field of music you want to study but also on repertoire. It is an added advantage if they know about human anatomy so that they can give you advice on how to do voice exercises and how not to stress out your voice too much. Make sure the person you choose knows about the pros and cons of the various things related to singing.


At a time when most of us are working or studying, it is difficult to find teachers who have schedules that would be convenient to us.  Make sure you find a teacher who is available when you are. Do not try to squeeze a class into your schedule because you might end up thinking about the other work you have and not pay enough attention to the class. Keeping a relaxed mind is very necessary while learning to sing and other lessons related to it.

Individual attention

It is quite possible that you might be joining a group of students for the singing lessons. Not everyone learns at the same rate. You might be forced to speed up or lag behind due to others. Talk to your teacher beforehand and make sure he/she is willing to take things at your pace. Let them know your interests, the songs or genre you are fond of, so that you can benefit more from the lessons.

No online classes

Though singing is not like learning an instrument, where a teacher needs to be at the side to show how to hold the instrument properly and the like, it is better if you go for classes rather than learn through online methods such as Skype. You will be able to grasp the concept better and faster if you opt for regular classes. Go for the online classes if no other option is working out for you.


A person who is very strict about class timings, practice hours might not suit every person. Someone who gets frustrated when you are not making progress too fast is not right either. Also, they should answer your questions well and not just blow you off with a vague answer. This person will be introducing you to the delights of pop singing. So, you need to make sure that you select the best teacher. Make sure the teacher falls into the category where he is helpful, encouraging, goes at your pace and is friendly.

Take all these into consideration and have fun singing! Take care of your voice. As a singer, it is the most important thing in your life. That is the key to singing like a pro. To know The Ten Commandments of Pop Singing Lessons to Prevent Vocal Damage: For more on pop singing, you can refer to