What is a Good Acoustic Guitar Lesson For Children


Most children are enrolled in an instrument class as soon as they are old enough. Acoustic guitar lessons is a popular choice for parents. There are a few factors that you should probably consider before you enroll them in guitar schools or private guitar lessons. Though your kids might take it up more quickly especially if you too have an interest in guitars, you should talk to them first and find out if they are fine with it.

Think about their interest

Think about when they are in their teens, is it something they would love? Do not enroll them because it is something you love. Take into consideration their opinion as well so that they too will be interested and dedicated in learning the instrument. If you are forcing them to learn something they have clearly no interest in, it won’t last long. Try to find out which instrument they express a fondness for, and enroll them in that class.

Interactive lessons

As a child, they would definitely get bored with theoretical knowledge, and indeed, would be able to understand very little of it. Find a class which places more emphasis on practical teaching along with only the basic theory classes. In an interactive environment, children tend to learn faster and retain the knowledge for a longer period of time as well. Make sure this is one of your main criteria while selecting a guitar class for your child.

Group or private lessons

It is possible to get both group classes as well as private classes. It is something that depends on your child and your financial situation. Private guitar tuition will cost a bit more but you will get undivided attention. Group lessons provide interaction among children and make the learning process fun. Think carefully about which type of lesson would be more beneficial for your child and take the decision.

A great teacher

A great guitarist might not necessarily be a great teacher. Find out from colleagues and friends about good teachers in your area. Enquire whether they are friendly and approachable to children, and whether they are capable of teaching kids.

Do not make practice seem like work

Practice is the key to learning. But do not put too much pressure or make it seem like work. It will discourage the child and the instrument will seem boring. Let them go at their own pace. There is no need to practice round the clock. Even 30 mins of practice a day is quite often enough.


Children tend to put in more effort when they know it is likely to bring them more rewards or presents. If they perform well or if they learn a particular lesson fast, you can give them a treat to encourage them. The rewards need not be something expensive. A small bar of chocolate or emphasis on how proud you are of them can go a long way in motivating and encouraging the child.

These are some of the key points which you need to know before you enroll your child in an acoustic guitar class. To learn more about where all a beginner can possibly go wrong, check out: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/acoustic-guitar-lessons-for-beginners-how-to-break-bad-habits/. For more about acoustic guitars, you can refer to www.guitarlessonssingapore.com.