How to Take Your Electric Guitar Lessons to the Next Level


The electric guitar is an instrument which can produce the best music if played properly. If you are a beginner, you might need to start doing other things to become perfect as practice alone is not sufficient to become an electric guitar master! Some of the other things you can do are listed below. Have a look!

Find innovative ways to practice

Playing alone or in front of your teacher can get you only so far. Switch on the radio or a music album and try to match the background guitar. See if you are able to match their rhythm. This can be a fun challenge and thus, help in creating an atmosphere where it is fun to learn. If in case, after repeated attempts, you are still not able to match the music, you can always seek help from your teacher or peers.

Listen to yourself play

Use a recorder and record yourself playing the electric guitar. Listen to it later. This can be a very effective way of finding out where you are going wrong and where you need more improvement. If you have not joined any guitar classes, then this can be one of the best ways that you can learn yourself. Since you will not have a teacher to correct you immediately, you will have to rely on yourself and listening to yourself play can be quite a big eye-opener.

Online videos and websites

As you would have no doubt heard, theory lessons are just as important as learning to play the instrument. Check out the free websites, the videos, and participate in various forums. Being active in such forums can bring you a lot of knowledge. You will get to know more people, maybe even from your area with which you can meet up and have a discussion! Attend workshops, if possible.

Join a local orchestra

This can give you a taste of what it actually feels like to be a musician. Try to get into a local orchestra and perform for the local crowd. This can boost your self-confidence and you will get to learn more things than ever! Practicing and playing with a group of people can be extremely enlightening and more fun than you could ever imagined!

And, of course, Practice!

It is the thing that can transform you from a beginner to a master. Practice daily. Schedule other things around your practice hours. Do not rush your practice time as it is for you alone. It can help you improve as well as give you some much-needed relaxation. Enjoy the music you produce and do not get frustrated if your progress is slow. You will eventually reach your goal.

Care for your guitar

Learn to care for your guitar from the time you start your lessons. You will need to change strings less often. A well-kept guitar will produce the best sounds. You will not spend more time and money on your electric guitar if you care for it from the start.

These are some of the points which you need to know before you are ready to take your electric guitar lessons to the next level. To know more on how to maintain your guitar, check out: For more on electric guitars, you can refer to