Learning Drums at a Later Age


Drums are extremely fun, even if a bit daunting in the beginning. Most people feel that as they advance in age, the right time for learning has passed by. But no, it has not. Anytime is the right time. You might have to put in a bit more effort than the kids do, but that makes it all the more fun and challenging. Read on to know some of the challenges or blocks that you are likely to come across if you start to learn drums at a later age.

Effort and Time

A kid might be able to pick it up faster than you do. That does not mean you cannot do it. The child will have no other responsibility but to learn to play drums and practice and refine his/her technique, whereas you will definitely have a lot more on your plate which might not allow you to practice regularly. A simple solution to this would be to take out some time for yourself and your drums. Every time something urgent comes up, ask yourself again, can that wait for an hour while I practice my drum beats?

You will be surprised that the answer to this will be yes most of the time!

Online learning

Another major point in your favor is that you have the blessing of the internet with you. Pay attention to your teacher and when you practice at home, if you still have some doubts, the internet will be there for you. Check out the millions of tutorials, videos, and theory that are available and learn from them. Theory knowledge is just as important as knowing how to play the instrument.

Which type of drums

There are quite a few variety of drums that you should consider before starting to learn. Acoustic drums, electronic drums, jazz drums and more. Ask your friends, poke around in online forums and as you find more on each type of drum, you will be able to choose the one you want to go ahead with.


Practice is the key. If you want to master the art of playing drums like a pro, then practice every second you can spare. Age will not stand in the way unless you make it. There is no limit to your learning capabilities. Keep faith in yourself and the passion you have to learn drums and that will lead you to success.

Group classes

It is highly possible that the drums lessons you have chosen might involve a lot of young kids and teenagers and you are the oldest one in the group. Do not let that thought get to you. Do not be self-conscious. This can severely slow down your learning progress. If you tend to get self-conscious, check if your finances let you employ a personal drum teacher. After you are confident with your skills as a beginner, you can maybe join a group class for advanced studies.

Enjoy playing the instrument and have fun! That’s all that matters!

Drums, or any musical instrument for that matter, can be learned at any age. All you need is the dedication and the passion for learning and playing. To know what to expect from a beginner’s drums lesson, check out this link: http://drumlessonssingapore.com/insights-to-beginner-drum-lessons/. For more on drums, you can refer to http://drumlessonssingapore.com/.