Jazz Guitar Lessons: Why You Can Learn Jazz Guitar at Any Age


Music and instruments are such things that love for them can bloom at any time. That is why there is no right age and wrong age to learn to play the guitar and perform. It can be for career aspirations or just learning to play for personal joy! But as time goes on, there is one very common question asked: What are the challenges faced by the people who start to learn at a later age? Well, there are no major blocks that can hinder you, but there are a few that you should pay attention to.

Speed of learning

As an older guitarist, it is likely that you would have a vast knowledge of repertoire as opposed to the younger kids who start their beginner jazz guitar lessons from an early age. Wanting to play your favorite pieces as played by your favorite guitarists might seem hopeless sometimes. This can act as a block to your learning. This can slow you down. Focus on your goal and work steadily towards it. You are bound to reach it in the end.

Physical health

As you grow old, it is common that you get some physical health problems. Back problems are the most common that guitarists face. You can consult therapists and do regular exercises to keep the aches and pains at bay. If you have more severe problems, there are ways to get around them. Ask your jazz guitar lessons teacher and research on the internet as well. Old age will bring problems, but they should not be considered as a block, instead step over them and conquer your dream of learning to play the jazz guitar.


If you are holding tension in your shoulders and neck region for a long time, it can strain your back. Take breaks regularly and stretch yourself. While playing, tune your body and mind to be mindful of your posture all the time. This can be a huge help in avoiding body ache. You can also adjust the chair and the stand at the correct height. These are some basic tips that can help you go a long way.

Mental fitness

At an older age, memorizing can be tough. If you tend to forget soon, practice harder. Perfect your reading skills so that you can play from the scores and rely less on your memory. If you find it difficult to read from the notes, use a bigger print. Do not strain your eyes and neck trying to read from what is clearly not comfortable.

Dedication and discipline

You might tend to get frustrated and lose hope very soon. But believe in yourself and the passion you have for the instrument. Sooner or later, you will begin producing the music you have always dreamed of. Instead of being intimidated by younger students, develop a friendly relationship with them where you do not need to feel self-conscious.

Become socially active

Be active in the various forums and blogs on the topic. You will get to learn a lot. Attend workshops, concerts and attend discussions on the instrument. This can all add up to your knowledge and serve you later.

There are going to be challenges that you will have to face. But conquering them and reaching your goal will make it all the more special. This will also be a huge boost to you. To know how to become a better jazz guitar player, check out this link: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/guitar-lessons-better-jazz-guitar-player/. For more on jazz guitars, you can refer to www.guitarlessonssingapore.com.