Tips for Mastering the Bass Guitar


Bass guitar is an extremely popular instrument. There are many who might be aspiring to learn to play it. Here are some of the tips you need to master the bass guitar

Get a bass guitar

You need not necessarily buy a bass guitar to learn or practice. You can rent one or borrow from a friend or colleague. There are various kinds of bass guitars depending on your need and usage. If you are a beginner, any will do as you will not be able to detect much difference. Once you are past the initial stage, you will get a better idea of which guitar to purchase. If you are buying, it is suggested that you get the standard 4 string bass guitar.

Get an amplifier

While buying an amplifier, make sure that you get one which is compatible with your bass guitar. An electric keyboard amplifier might not work. Also, most bass amplifiers have a headphone option too. This is handy if you live in a building or an apartment, and might want to practice at your convenience.

Start learning

There are a hundred and one ways to accomplish learning bass guitar. You can enroll in a class, take private lessons or self-learn using the millions of tutorials available online! Instructional books are also helpful if you are just starting out and are a newbie. There are a lot of videos out there which start with the absolute basics. If possible, take help of a guitarist friend who would be able to set you right on some of the mistakes you are liable to make as a beginner.

Work on your technique

When you start out, it is possible you may be concentrating more on getting the notes right. But as you progress, it is important to pay attention to your technique which is the key to improving your skills. If you are learning through videos and tutorials, make a tape of yourself playing and play it back. This is one of the best ways to know where you are making the mistakes.

Learn about the theory involved

Being strong in theoretical knowledge would be a huge plus. To know about all the notes and scales would be very useful to you as you progress higher onto more complicated music. Learning the scales would help you move ahead faster. The why and what are more important than just blindly imitating the person in the video.

Train your ears to pay attention

The notes and the music go at a pace. You should train yourself to match that. Going too slow or too fast can upset the rhythm. This can happen when performing with a group of people. Train yourself to listen to others’ beat and match accordingly. You can use a metronome for this while rehearsing.

Enjoy and do not get flustered

Some people get tensed up and fumble with the strings. Be calm. You know the music, you know the notes. You have practiced it a hundred times. Enjoy the sound of music you are producing and relax.

Take all these into consideration and practice as much as you can. That is the key to playing like a pro. To know more on practicing for a bass guitar lesson, For more on classical guitars, you can refer to