Broadway Singing Lessons: Voice Care


Voice is the most important thing if you are pursuing a career in singing. But there are various obstacles that can come in the way, causing harm to your voice. Some of the more common problems include catching a virus, hectic practice schedules, and climate change. Read on some of the tips given below on how to take care of your voice and maintain it.

Avoid stress

A person can lose his or her voice because of stress. It is because they would find it difficult to relax the tension around their larynx. This can lead to severe consequences. It is necessary that singers who lead a highly stressful life need to find time to meditate and relax. Never ever compromise on your sleep. It is one of the biggest stress-buster. It also gives you hours of uninterrupted time to rest your voice.

Stay hydrated

It is a good point. Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water and carry a flask with you all the time. It is not advised that you drink alcohol or even consume too much coffee. Dairy products can cause mucous to form and cause congestion. As much as possible, stay away from dairy products. Drink lots of water to prevent your throat from drying out.

Take water-steams regularly

Steaming your throat can be one of the best ways to keep your voice and vocal cords in the best health. It clears any congestion that might be just starting and it soothes your throat too. It is an easy preventive measure and you can do it even when you are on a tour.

Food restrictions

Try to stay away from carbonated cold drinks, caffeine, spicy foods, citrus fruits and unfortunately, chocolate too. Try to regulate your meal times. Do not eat a heavy meal just when you are about to perform. Choose a healthy a diet. It is highly helpful if you travel a lot.

Take rest

Practice a reasonable amount of hours every day. Do not over-sing and cause harm to your vocal cords. If you are ill, it is better to forgo a few practice session than to strain your voice. If you are in the middle of a performance and taking a break, avoid talking or shouting as much as possible. Rest your voice so that you are ready to perform again.

No smoking or drinking

Talking over loud music, shouting across the hall, and likewise can hurt your vocal cords. Lay off alcohol because it causes up your voice to dry out. Smoking too is harmful to the throat.

Use a humidifier

You can use a humidifier or a vaporizer to keep your throat from drying out. These need to be washed and cleaned every day. It is suggested you replace them every year. Keep it in easy reach wherever you are.

Take all these into consideration and stay safe. Take care of your voice. As a singer, it is the most important thing in your life. That is the key to singing like a pro. If you are a beginner and want to know more about challenges that you are likely to face if you go down this path, you can refer to: For more on Broadway singing, you can refer to