Saxophone Lessons:  Saxophone Buyer’s Guide

When you first start out to take saxophone lessons, you realize that you can do a lot more and learn to play sax a lot faster if you actually had a sax available to you at all times. This means either renting or purchasing one. This can help you in practicing easily in your free time as well as enjoying playing time with the sax. Of course, there is the option to purchase a used saxophone, but if you plan to buy a new one, it might be helpful to tick a few boxes.

Settle on a musical genre

The first thing when purchasing a saxophone is to decide which type of sax you want to buy. There are several different voicings that are suitable for different musical genres and for different levels of your saxophone learning. Alto saxophones are the ones mostly used by beginners because it needs less air, making it perfect for beginners and younger students. For some students, it might take time to make a decision. In this case, always go in for a beginner sax, which would be generally alto. The different voices available are alto, tenor, bass and baritone, and soprano.

Find a brand you like

When it comes to saxophones, it is always better to buy from a good brand. Because this is an investment you are making for the long term, it is a good idea not to go for an instrument just because it is cheaper. Investing in your instrument is like investing in your musical future. So make sure that whatever you buy would last you for a few years. One of the reasons why branded saxophones are recommended is that it is easier to get them serviced in case of problems. With unknown brands, this can become a problem.

Buy a student level sax

There are many different types of saxophones that each player can purchase according to his or her requirements or tastes. However, certain saxophones are easier and better for beginners than others. Some, like the soprano saxophone, are generally used by professionals and are not very easy for students to use or learn. It makes sense for students to pick a sax which enables them to learn faster and learn better. Most students are advised to pick up an alto sax but bass or baritone saxophones are good for beginners too. Student level saxophones also tend to be less expensive and have features that make it easy for newbies to learn saxophone.

Research on the available options

The first thing to do before setting out to purchase a saxophone is to research all your options. You might want to set a budget for your purchase because some saxophones can be really expensive. You can learn all you need to about the different saxophones first, then go to the shop and try out the ones you are interested in. This approach reduces the level of confusion that might arise otherwise. It is a good idea to take along a friend who knows about saxophones or even your saxophone teacher along to buy the sax as they can help you make the right decision.

You can also check out the website,, which is a vast resource for saxophone enthusiasts. For more specific information on buying an instrument for beginners, this is a good article: