Improving your Ukulele Playing – Part II

Your ukulele playing can be improved over a period of time provided that you give sufficient time and attention to the particulars and your ukulele teacher is able to point out the main problems or insufficiency in your playing. We have already discussed some tips here:

Buy a metronome

Ukulele players, especially those taking beginner ukulele lessons, generally have a problem with timing. Even some experienced players have this problem. In fact, this is one of the main areas of improvement when it comes to the ukulele. The solution to this widespread problem is to simply  invest in a metronome. By using a metronome, you can play along while keeping track of the timing. It might be useful to first just strum up and strum down with the metronome ticking, just to get used to playing in rhythm with the timer. It is also a good idea not to let bad timing become a habit for beginners. Using a metronome from the beginning can prevent the formation of this habit in the first place.

Record yourself

When you are playing, you might sometimes realize where you are making mistakes. But most of the time, you will miss the obvious because your concentration is on the playing, not on listening to yourself. A good teacher will listen to you and point out your faults but he or she will not be able to do so every single time you practice. An alternative is to record yourself when you practice. You can then listen to this recording and try to pin down the instances when you made mistakes. Then play again while trying to improve or eliminate those mistakes. This way, you can teach yourself by listening to yourself.

Learn musical theory

If you are really intent on improving the way you play the ukulele and want to master the instrument, you will need to learn musical theory at one point or the other. Some teachers dispense with the theory learning in the beginning because not every student comes in with the same intent and many are not interested in something so heavy right at the beginning. Studying musical theory will help you improvise and compose within the framework, which is what music is all about. It will help you read and understand music sheets. By understanding the basic musical theory, you would also be able to become a better player.

Jam away!

If you want to be a real musician, you cannot just perform for yourself. You must perform for others because music is a dynamic, lovely thing and sharing it with everyone is the right thing to do. Find gigs to play, join up with others, and have fun. You could even arrange a play-along with your colleagues and friends one day a week. You can invite the other students you learn with at the ukulele lessons for beginners. When you play with others and for others, you will automatically be able to pick up on tips and tricks while at the same time receiving some feedback on your own performance. And most of all, you would be having fun while improving yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about the ukulele and are seeking tips and information on the subject, is a great resource for ukulele and guitar players.