Singing Lessons: What to Expect from Jazz Teachers


Jazz is a cult music form, which has managed to become a mainstream genre. However, though popular among many people, it is not the first genre that will come to mind when people want to start their singing lessons. This just means that finding a teacher for jazz might be slightly more difficult than for other kinds of music. But it is not impossible. How do you choose a jazz teacher? Before we discuss that, you might want to check what would be expected of the students as detailed here:

Understanding jazz

There are many good singers and musicians out there, and some of them are excellent teachers. But if you want to master jazz, they can’t help you much. Jazz, as an art form, depends wholly on rhythm and you need a specially trained jazz singer to teach you this art. Make sure that the teacher you are considering is well versed in jazz music. You can verify this by either checking their credentials or by attending one of their jazz performances, preferably both. If you are training with a good jazz teacher, you can actually pick up very fast.

Breathing techniques

A jazz singing teacher should be able to teach you the breathing techniques required for vocal training. Every singer has to learn how to breathe properly so that you can sing for a long time without getting wound up. This is especially important for a jazz singer because of the kind of dynamics that jazz music has. With proper breath training, you will be able to control your breath, widen your range and improve your intonation, all of which would be helpful to you when singing. Find a teacher who insists on your learning these techniques because they are very important.


Unlike classical and pop music, you cannot really learn jazz songs and then replicate the performance. Jazz is a living and dynamic music that each person can perform in their own unique manner. Constant improvisation is the key in learning jazz singing. But to be able to improvise, you need to be well grounded in the basics of jazz music. Your teacher should be able to help you in finding your feel for the music and in adjusting to a rhythm so that you can sing in your own style without losing track of the music.


Singing jazz means using a conversational, speech-like approach to singing. The primary importance in jazz is telling the story. For this, jazz singers use a variety of musical timbres, which could include anything from sensuous to classic to aggressive, each time telling a story with the tone of your voice. This can be very demanding on the singer and most jazz teachers would ensure that their students learn voice techniques well in order to express themselves through their singing. Jazz singing lessons should definitely include various techniques useful for the expression of feelings through the music.

Ultimately, the good teacher would be able to bring out the natural talent of the student by teaching them the various basics necessary to master jazz singing. Jazz is considered as physically less demanding than classical music, though the actual technique can be considerably more complex. With a good teacher, you would be able to work on your skills properly. For information on all aspects of singing, check out: