Drum Lessons: Types of Drums from Over the World


Drums are not only the oldest musical instruments ever invented, some dating as far back as 4000 BC, they are also the most prolific. There are more than a hundred different types of drums around the world. It would be impossible to chronicle them in one article, so this one will only cover the different types of acoustic and electronic drum sets. For most beginner drum lessons, these are the drum sets commonly used. To know about some basic drumming, refer to: http://drumlessonssingapore.com/drumming-101/.

Rock drums

Rock drum sets are larger and more powerful than most other drums available. Their tone tends to be deeper and they produce a higher volume of sound, required for rock. These sets can have deep and big toms and one or more bass drums that measure up to 22 by 28 inches, and a thick metal snare. Rock drums radiate power and sound.

Jazz drums

If rock drum sets are all about power, jazz drums are about taste and subtlety. Jazz drums provide more sounds and typically fewer cymbals are used. The bass used is also smaller, usually 18” by 20” in diameter. Jazz drum sets make it possible for the drummers to provide the more rhythmic music that the genre requires.

Fusion drums

Fusion kits are well known for their faster response that allows for quicker playing. They are slightly smaller than the rock drums and make a slightly less powerful sound. They are popular among younger players or among people who want a compact kit.

Electronic drums

The beauty of electronic drums is that there is an unbelievably range of sounds to be manipulated. These drums also provide percussion capabilities. The kits range from basic to highly professional. They need to be worked with interactive software and apps for accessing their different features. Though many people don’t opt for electronic drums, they can be very cool and fun.

Bass drums

Bass drums are not as popular as the acoustic or electronic versions, but they are very versatile and useful in most bands. It is technically a large drum that produces a low pitch sound. Cylindrical, with a diameter that is greater than its height, bass drums come in different sizes, though the size doesn’t really determine the sound or volume.

Snare drums

Snare drums are drums made of metal instead of wood. They are often used in orchestras, marching bands, concerts and parades since they produce a high pitch sound. Snare drum lessons Singapore can provide the drummer with a different perspective. The snare drum helps with setting the beat of the band. Different types of snares can help in subtly altering the voice of the kit.

Multi-tenor drums

Multi-tenor drums are exactly what the name implies. They are usually composed of four to six drums in a set and can be rearranged in different configurations to suit the music and the musician. Played with sticks, these drums produce high pitch and melodious tones. These are generally used in marching bands.

As we have seen, the types of drums depends on different variables, including the size of the drums, the kind of sound the drum produces as well as the variety of sounds that are produced. The combination of different types of drums produces a strong effect, which leads the kit to be classified in one way or the other.

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