Keyboard Lessons:  Tips for Buying a Keyboard

Once you have decided that you are indeed going in for keyboard lessons, you have to start thinking of purchasing one. Without an instrument at your disposal, it is going to be hard to practice and become proficient. Having your own keyboard can also motivate you to practise more. Some questions that are raised during the purchase are described in this article: Here, we will discuss further and offer some tips on buying a keyboard.

Research on the warranty available

The usual warranty period for keyboards is one to two years, depending on the brand and manufacturer. This means that if any damage happens to your keyboard within this time frame, it would be repaired or replaced at no extra cost to you. Since instrument repairs can be a costly proposition.  That is why warranties are very important. Keyboards are also purchased to last for many years, so purchasing additional warranty from the shop is also advisable. This additional warranty would come into effect after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. Carefully read out the terms of the warranty offered on the instrument before signing up for it.

If you are planning on buying a used instrument for your private keyboard lessons, then ensure that a warranty of at least 30 to 60 days are provided by the seller. This gives you the time to ensure that the instrument is in good working order.

Try out the keyboards before purchase

Whether you know anything about keyboards or not, purchasing a keyboard without ever seeing it, touching it or playing  it, is a very bad idea. Different brands offer different features, and it is important to find out which ones suit your needs better. There is also the very important criterion of comfort while playing. Not every brand will suit every person, even though some brands are wildly popular. If you already have some experience with music, it becomes easier to judge your requirements. The keyboard must sound right for the type of music you want to learn.

Budget vs. quality

It is true that you would want to purchase a good quality keyboard so that it can facilitate your learning and remain relevant for a long time. Good keyboards, however, can be very expensive. Many beginners might not want to invest in an expensive keyboard right at the beginning of their musical journey, even before they know whether they are going to continue with their lessons or not. There is obviously a budget vs. quality argument here. There are two ways to overcome this. First, consider purchasing a used keyboard of good quality, which comes cheaper. Or go in for a new keyboard with fewer features, but be prepared to upgrade it when required.

Get expert opinion

If you feel as if you don’t know much about keyboards in general, try taking a friend along for the shopping. If this is not possible, you can also research on the various available keyboards that fit into your budget and whose looks you like and discuss them with your keyboard teacher. Those who actually have experience with keyboards would obviously be able to guide you better instead of being dazzled by great features that you might not yet require.

Ultimately, what is important is that the keyboard you purchase is comfortable and enjoyable. If these two criteria are met, then it is likely you will be motivated to enjoy your lessons and thus become a better player.

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