Jazz Guitar Lessons:  Why Choose Jazz Guitar?

Jazz tends to have a bad reputation among many musicians and has taken a long time to be accepted in mainstream music. Over time, it has become a more respectable form of music. Today, because of its inherent qualities, jazz is seeing a resurgence among musicians. Some beginners want to take off by studying jazz, while others decide to explore the genre after years of studying acoustic or classical guitar. So why do these people choose the jazz guitar? Why should you choose the jazz guitar?


Jazz is nothing if not rhythm. If you are really going to study jazz in depth, you will realize that it is a much sophisticated form of music as far as rhythm is concerned than any other form. The genre is built on advanced harmonic styles than most other forms of music. Hence, jazz can give you a better understanding of how chords are put together, individually and in sequences. Taking jazz guitar lessons means that you would have to give an extraordinary amount of attention to your rhythm development, which would make you appreciate it more.


There is no denying that the jazz guitar is challenging. It is advisable to actually learn some basics on the acoustic guitar before switching on to jazz, even if it is your main passion. The reason why this is so difficult to learn is that jazz musicians have to learn a lot of theory in order to be able to play around with the music. They also need to be very creative to make a solo sound interesting. If you don’t already like the genre and have some natural creative talent, jazz is a hard genre to master. However, the challenge is what makes it so rewarding.


Jazz is all about improvisations. This is what makes the genre so difficult to learn. But this is also the same thing that makes a great musician out of you. Improvisation requires extensive knowledge of theory, a feel for the rhythm, creativity, and spontaneity. Once you learn to improvise and are able to work on your music at different levels, you can theoretically do anything. You have to feel the music before you are able to improvise. Thus, learning the jazz guitar gives you an opportunity to explore your inner creativity and try out new things. It is ultimately a very satisfying experience.


People don’t learn music so that they can put something on their résumé. Music is a passion for most people, and they pick up an instrument because it is fun. If you love jazz music, then you will definitely have fun learning to play jazz guitar. In spite of being difficult, the only frustrating part that most jazz musicians face is learning the theory. The actual playing is considered to be great fun, since it allows even those taking beginner jazz guitar lessons to unleash their own creativity in any way they want. If you are learning jazz guitar with friends, the fun factor is doubled!

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