Saxophone Lessons:  Choosing a Saxophone Teacher


The sax is a complicated instrument and not something you can pick up in a few online tutorials. While it is easy to play the sax, it becomes progressively more and more complex as your learning curve rises. At some point or the other, you will require some really good coaching in order to get to the next level of your sax training. In fact, without a good teacher, you might find yourself at a standstill, develop bad habits, make mistakes without realizing it and end up being a mediocre instead of the good player you might have the potential to be. Before starting saxophone lessons, you can read this article for more information on what would be expected of you:

Good credentials

Find out whether your prospective teacher has a degree from an accredited music academy. Self-taught saxophonists might be great, but they are very likely to lack the technical awareness that is required for imparting the same knowledge to others. With proper credentials, you would at least know that the teacher has a good sax background. In addition to this, a teacher who knows how to teach and has some experience with new learners would be a good asset in helping you kick off your own saxophone learning.

Performing experience

No matter why or how seriously you are learning the saxophone, it is good to have a teacher who knows the ins and outs of performing on stage or in front of others. Whether you ever plan to perform or not, it would give you assurance that the teacher is capable enough. If you have big plans for your future as a saxophonist, it makes even more sense to hire a teacher who regularly performs on stage. These are the only ones who can guide you through the steps, put you in contact with the right people, and understand your very valid fears of performing before a number of people.

Suitable location

This has no bearing on the teacher’s abilities, but it is better to find a teacher who teaches in a location that is near to your residence or is easily accessible. Even if the teacher is excellent, you should consider the time wasted in travelling – time that you could use in practicing. If you are set on having a teacher whose studio or home is far away, then you have a couple of other options as well. You can ask them to come to your place to teach. The price would automatically go up for private saxophone lessons. The other option is to discuss the availability of online classes.

Dedicated teacher

The one thing you don’t want in your saxophone teacher is to have them forget your lesson for the day or to take lengthy phone calls in the middle of a lesson. You want a teacher who devotes the time you pay them for to you and in helping you learn how to play the saxophone. If they don’t do this, look for another teacher because doing their own work or going off on a tangent not only denotes disrespect for you, it also wastes your time and money.

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