The Advantages of Pursuing A Career As A Keyboard Lessons Teacher


The old age says that ‘teaching is a noble profession’. However teaching is sometimes deemed as a ‘fallback’ career only when all else fails.   But those aspiring keyboard players who have pursued the path of teaching keyboard lessons now embrace it with a sense of joy and fulfillment. Truth be told, being a keyboard teacher may not be as glamorous as a concert pianist or a band keyboard player who basks in the limelight and enjoys the perks of fame and adulation. Being a teacher though, has its own rewards that can make you embark on this profession with positivity and confidence.


One of the more practical ways to start your music teaching career is to teach in a music school. A music school has an accessible stream of students that are ready to be under your care. It is important to be prepared and expect that you will be handling students with varied skills and mastery levels in teaching keyboard lessons. Singapore students may be mostly beginners; yet you should also be able to handle more advanced levels and adult beginners as well.


So, you want to be a keyboard teacher? Here’s a rundown on why this could be the best option for you.


  1. Independence. You have the option to be a private, home tutor or be under the management of a music school, or both on part-time basis. In your music class, you will be in-charge of running the show, so to speak. You can apply your own teaching style and house rules that ensure order and productive use of time in each session. You can even set your own rate, as a private teacher.


  1. Flexibility. One of the best perks of being a keyboards teacher is being able to set the pace of your teaching schedule. You may choose your preferred teaching time slots and the number of hours you can allocate for teaching. This would enable you to have work-life balance, where you can have more me-time or quality time for the family. This set-up is most ideal for working moms, students, or those who intend to teach part time.


  1. Extra Income. For those who have day jobs but still want to carry-on with their musical pursuits, teaching keyboards could be a source of supplemental income.


  1. Develop People Skills. As a keyboard teacher, you will be interacting with students and parents. You will learn how to market yourself, convince, and assure them of your capabilities as a music teacher. For students enrolled in your class, you have to give them feedback regarding their progress. Give them a pep-talk to boost their confidence. These are just some communication skills that you will develop along the way.


Over and above these advantages, a keyboard lessons teacher finds great satisfaction when his students show progress over time, see them fulfill their dreams, and find remarkable passion in playing. Indeed, the success of a student could be attributed to a good teacher. Here are some qualities that could help you be one:


Getting things started could be quite challenging.   A reputable music school like could help jumpstart your career as keyboards teacher. They will help you find a pool of students seeking to avail of your services as keyboards teacher.