Keyboard Lessons: Options for Buying a Keyboard


So you have decided that you want to learn the keyboard. You have also arranged to take keyboard lessons and perhaps even have learned the basics. But you cannot really practice or get better unless you have a keyboard at your disposal any time you want. For this, it is best to buy a keyboard of your own so that you can have it with you and can practice on it at any time you like at your own comfort and convenience. For general information on keyboard lessons in Singapore, please refer to

Determine second hand or new purchase

When deciding to purchase a keyboard, the first question that arises would obviously be whether to go for a new one or a used one. There are many reasons for both options to be chosen, but a simple rule of the thumb is this: if you really cannot afford a new keyboard, it is better to settle for a used one rather than not having one at all. Another important aspect is that if you are convinced that you want to pursue your musical aspirations on a long-term basis, then you opt for a new keyboard. And a third thing to keep in mind is that if you find a used keyboard, especially through a trusted friend or acquaintance, and it is in perfect condition, grab it! Ultimately, the choice would depend on your own circumstances as well as your needs and wants, and availability of new and used keyboards. But whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy the purchase!

Research on the available options

There is a large variety of choices when you set out to purchase a keyboard for your private keyboard lessons. There are three main options: digital piano, electronic keyboard and synthesizer. Once you have chosen to purchase one of these, you would have to decide what features to look out for in each option. So let us take a look at the key options in order to help you arrive at an informed decision.

Digital piano

Digital pianos are just like acoustic pianos, except they don’t have strings attached to the keys or soundboards. Instead, they have speakers built in for the resonance and sound. The reason why it is more useful for many musicians than the traditional pianos is because it is portable and can be carried from one place to the other without much effort. Another advantage of opting for a digital piano is the lower price, which can save you a lot of money.

Electronic keyboard

Electronic keyboards are the most popular options for those taking keyboard music lessons. It offers a large number of functions and features to complement your music playing, such as rhythms and sequencer options. Many advanced models even offer a record-back facility. Portable and affordable, it is no wonder that the electronic keyboard is one of the more popular options for musicians of every hue.


Synthesizers offer everything an electronic keyboard offers but they are not a traditional musical instrument in any way. The synthesizers are designed to explore sonic possibilities of their sound engines. They can produce the general acoustic music, but are also used to produce synthetic sounds. Most models offer excellent editing and customization features, making this very useful for modern musicians.

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