What Students Can Expect To Learn From Jazz Singing Lessons


Not all voice lessons are created equal, so to speak. There are different facets to it. Jazz is one kind of voice lessons. Students who want to learn jazz vocal styles and techniques may possibly find jazz singing lessons somewhat challenging or even intimidating.   If music artistry and sophistication had a love child, it would be jazz music.

Hence, teachers are expected not only to be skilled, but also comfortable and passionate with the genre. Improvisations, soulful expression, control, power, and grit are part the techniques in jazz singing lessons. Singapore students need teachers who can, not only teach them techniques, but motivate them to extract emotions from within.

Voice lessons in jazz music will ground you to the vocal techniques you learned in basic voice lessons. Breathing, lungs and diaphragm power, relaxation, volume, control, pitch, intonation —these are all the essential elements you need to sustain the demands and deliver a pristine jazz vocal performance. If you are not grounded on these techniques, chances are, you will falter along the way. Therefore, you will get a lot of correction, discipline and polishing of your vocal skills. Singing bad habits need to be unlearned. In other music genre, you may get away with an ‘almost there’ execution. In the technically challenging standards of jazz singing, solid training and impeccable execution is required.

Teachers with a solid background and proficient skills in jazz singing can easily pinpoint the vulnerable spots you need to work on. Thus, the initial sessions may cover evaluation of basic techniques to prescribe a more personalized / tailor-fit method to reinforce vocal training.

As you go along in your lessons, here are some basic jazz singing approaches that your teacher will use to take your lessons to the next level:

  1. Song Choice: In jazz singing, you need to have a song that you can sing comfortably, confidently and almost flawlessly. With the right song, you can easily improvise, add a personal flair, and unleash your emotions. These are the vital ingredients that season jazz music and singing to perfection.
  1. Breathing: Without a doubt, jazz singing requires power. From hitting the big notes down to letting out a whisper, breathing is the force behind it.
  1. The Soft Palate Technique: Your teacher is the best person to help you develop this skill. But the technique of singing with a ‘soft palate’ will enable you to enlarge the resonance of your voice, and make it sound more pleasing. It will help you execute vibrato, and manage breath sustenance and control.


From the above, you can deduce the importance of a highly qualified teacher to walk you through the process of jazz singing lessons.

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Singing jazz requires more than just hitting the high notes. It is nailing it, painting it with colors, and finishing up with masterful strokes of flair and pizzazz. Get down on the basics and entrust http://singinglessonssingapore.com/ to boost your competency and harness your distinct vocal jazz quality.