Piano Lessons: Why Learn the Piano?


The piano is one of the mainstays of Western classical music and is a favourite of music lovers worldwide. It has been a consistently popular instrument for decades and has never gone out of fashion like so many other instruments. This shows us that there is something about the piano that is permanent and intriguing for those who are into traditional and modern music. There are a number of reasons why learning the piano is worth your while.

Rich traditions

The piano was the choice of instrument for many stalwarts of music. With a 250 year old tradition, the piano has kept its hold over musicians for a long time, and continues to do so. This has led to a variety of piano music that you could spend months exploring. Alternatively, it is also easy to adapt the piano to any style of music, which makes it versatile and probably the reason behind its long popularity. Those who want to learn to play a piano are effectively contributing to this rich musical heritage of the instrument.

Dynamic solo instrument

With the piano, you can play a number of notes at the same time. This is not possible with many other instruments, but with the piano, a single person can play complex music without accompaniment and still be able to produce rich music. This makes the piano a dynamic solo instrument for players who prefer to practice alone or play by themselves. The best part of this is that the piano can also lend itself to being played with other instruments, so if you want to have a change, it’s possible.

Family bonding

The piano has always been a family instrument. For centuries, people have entertained their families and friends at parties by playing the piano. Nothing much has changed. The piano can still be a way of entertaining your near and dear ones for a while at a gathering. If your family is inclined to be musical, you could even have regular sing-alongs with you playing the piano. This is quality bonding with the family, and makes for great experiences.

Improves other skills

Studies have shown that children learning the piano do much better in academics than their peers. This also applies to adults who learn the piano. Learning the instrument improves your language and mathematical skills as well as in the overall development of your artistic senses. From a physical viewpoint, pianists develop manual dexterity through the constant coordination of pressing the right keys with just the right touch at the right time. From the time you start piano lessons Singapore, your brain is affected by the experience, allowing different skills to develop.

Job opportunities

The piano has a large array of opportunities. For instance, you can be an orchestral or choral conductor. There are restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and many similar places which like to hire pianists for performing for their customers on a regular basis. Piano can also be the choice of instrument in events like weddings or funerals. If you have enough experience and are properly certified, then you can even get into teaching the instrument to others and seek employment in universities.

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