Improving your Ukulele Playing – Part I


You have started your ukulele beginner lessons and have learned the basics. Now you want to make sure that you are improving your playing. This should happen automatically over time, but sometimes, it doesn’t for some people. There is no need to be discouraged because there are ways to ensure that your ukulele playing improves. If you don’t see much improvement over a long period of time, then you could take a few of the following tips into consideration and see whether they help you. If you are more interested in knowing how to enhance your lessons and get the most out of them, check out

Play with a group

This is not to say that playing at home by yourself will not produce results, but when you play in a group regularly, you gain certain advantages. You will be able to observe how the others play and you will strive to keep up to their level. In case of any mistakes, you can discuss and get it sorted the first time it even happens. This prevents you from developing bad habits. You can learn from the experiences of others and contribute to their learning as well. And the best part of this is that playing in a group is great fun!

Play to someone

If you have the facility, have someone who understands the ukulele hear you play on a regular basis. It is best if you can have your teacher do this, but if this is not possible, then you can always make a reciprocal arrangement with one of the ukulele players you know. By doing this, you can have your small mistakes pointed out to you that you yourself might not be able to catch. It is very hard to point out your own mistakes, no matter how slow you are playing and how alert you are. By playing to someone, you can realize what mistakes you make and focus on improvement.

Listen to ukulele music

Listen to a lot of music where the ukulele is the main instrument. You will gradually develop a sense of what is right and where mistakes are being made as you play. The more you listen to good music by professional musicians, the more you will develop this understanding. This is how you learn to play by the ear, which is a great quality for ukulele players, and indeed, all musicians to have. Without learning how to play by the ear, it is difficult to improve your ukulele playing because your sense of music still needs to be developed.

Practice, and then practice some more

Just like everything else, the ukulele requires a lot of practice for the player to improve. Without regular and consistent practice outside of ukulele lessons, this improvement will never happen. When it comes to practice, it is more useful to pinpoint and focus on your weak points than continuing to play what you already know perfectly well again and again. Practice playing full songs and always incorporate something new every once in a while so that you don’t get bored or frustrated with your practice sessions. Ideally, it is good to practice for a couple of hours every day but if this is not possible, then draw up a schedule for your practice to which you can stick.

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