The Advantages of Teaching Cello Lessons to Adult Beginners


Nowadays, more and more adults are enlisting themselves in music classes. Not for mastery or for a refresher course. Most of them have zero knowledge when it comes to their preferred musical instrument. The demand for music teachers teaching cello lessons to adult beginners is now on the rise.


However, some music teachers are still quite hesitant to take on this challenge. Some may feel intimidated with their adult students who may be more mature in terms of age and experience. Some think that adult beginners may not take their cello lessons seriously. They may just brush it off as a mere hobby to pass the time. Other teachers think that adults may have the tendency to give up on a whim. Others may just be too busy to dedicate time and effort for practice, or even show up for lessons. These reasons are somewhat valid and possible. Yet if you think about it, all these could happen to younger students too, but on a different level or circumstance.


Still not convinced? Here are advantages that could win you over and give cello lessons to adult beginners a shot:


  1. The power to decide. Adult students enroll because they want to. They practice and perform not out of parental pressure, but out of passion to learn and play. Their efforts stem from personal choice which brings happiness and makes the learning process more enjoyable.


  1. The satisfaction of playing for fun. Why be so serious?   Adults are motivated to learn to play the cello because they know they’ll have a ball while they’re at it. As a teacher, integrating elements of fun is one of the more effective methods in teaching cello lessons. Singapore students are sometimes given a few minutes to engage in play and games prior to the lessons. If a student is having fun, you’ll be amazed at how he becomes more receptive and focused, and on how much of the lessons he has absorbed.


  1. The need for brain development. Brain development exercises should not stop in adulthood. In fact, it is a time when adults need it all the more. Taking cello classes could stimulate brain functions because motor, mental, and sensory functions all come into play. In addition, an adult’s stressful life makes one prone to encounter bouts of anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, and depression. Music could be their saving grace. As a teacher, you become instrumental in enhancing and maintaining an adult learner’s mental health and wellness.


  1. The ability of communication and self-awareness. Adults are more mature in verbalizing their thoughts and feelings. They willingly ask more questions and work around situations they have difficulty in. Adults are more aware when they’re making mistakes and are mature enough to adjust and handle criticism.

Learning is not bound by age. Hence, more adults are pursuing their passions and chasing their dreams. And yes, they are in pursuit of teachers of cello lessons. Let them find you.


Here are pointers on how you can promote your cello teaching services:


A reputable institution or music school like is usually the first place where they’ll come looking. Offer your services so you could readily find a student or students who are compatible with your teaching style and personality.