Tips for Purchasing an Acoustic Guitar


When starting out, most people prefer to buy an acoustic guitar. It is the guitar most recommended for guitar lessons for beginners as it helps you easily discern the sounds and notes, in comparison with other types of guitars. However, acoustic guitars come in many shapes and sizes, materials, and price ranges. It can get quite confusing for someone who doesn’t know where to start. It’s a good idea to get some basic knowledge before making a purchase as you’ll be using the instrument for quite a while. If you need more persuasion to choose an acoustic guitar, check out this article:

Test the guitar

Selecting an acoustic guitar is a serious business. There are so many choices available that you really need to try out quite a few before settling on something that you find suitable. If you don’t have the experience, take along an experienced friend or even your guitar teacher along when you go to purchase your instrument. It has become normal for many people to buy guitars online, but considering how much you are spending, it is always better to go to the shop and try out the instruments yourself. Play a few notes yourself and check whether the resonance is good. You can also ask someone to play the guitar in your presence so you can check whether the projection is good as well. If it doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s not the right guitar for you.

Check out the body style

Each guitar model is slightly different from the other, even if they are the same type of guitar. So there are literally hundreds of choices when you go to purchase an acoustic guitar. The build of the guitar does have a slight effect on the sound it produces but that is not the sole reason why you should keep an eye out for the body style. Each person’s physical make-up is different and a particular guitar might not feel comfortable for everyone. So trying out the guitar to make sure you are able to play on it comfortably is extremely important. If you buy a guitar that is uncomfortable, you will soon develop problems in your posture and muscular pains and aches. To avoid this, choose a guitar that fits your body and your arm without putting too much pressure on your body. You can try out simple guitar lessons as a test.

Price does matter

Acoustic guitars can differ vastly in prices depending on the model and brand you choose. It is best to go for a decent and well-known brand so that you know what to expect from the instrument. Moreover, it is much easier to get such instruments tuned or repaired if the occasion arises. The first thing you must do is set a budget for your guitar purchase. For a beginner guitar, you need not spend a lot of money, but it should still be enough to get you a decent model. Remember that you cannot learn to play well on a second-grade instrument. For more advanced players, there are a large number of options that you can consider, especially if money is no object. In the matter of guitars, you get what you pay for. So be prepared to research all the different models available in your budget range.

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