Basic Pop Singing Lessons


Pop singing is more popular than other styles of singing. This is because most people want to be able to sing like their favorite stars or copy what they hear regularly on the radio. There is also a misconception that pop is easy. Learning pop vocals is probably easier than something like opera singing or Broadway singing, but it is in no way ‘easy’. Pop singing, like any other singing technique needs a lot of hard work, good coaching and practice. For more information on singing lessons in Singapore, check out the site:

Breathing techniques

Proper pop vocal training should include breathing lessons. Of course, everyone knows how to breathe. We have all been doing so since we were babies without having to be taught. But there are breathing exercises and techniques that help in strengthening your vocal cords, your diaphragm and your lungs, thus enabling you to develop a powerful voice required for singing in different pitches.Make sure that your basic singing lessons include these techniques as they are essential for your voice training.

Voice exercises

Each voice is different, and the fact remains that some people pick up faster than others. Voice exercises are important to get you on your way to understanding the art of singing. To become a good singer, you and your coach both need to understand your voice. For this, you will need to learn how to make basic sounds. Of course, you probably want to get to singing songs right away, but you can’t run before you learn to walk.

Correct posture

Getting the posture right is very important for singers. When you sing, you use many of your muscles and organs to get the sounds across properly. With the right posture, you can develop a powerful singing voice. Standing up with your body relaxed, your neck loose and your head up is the right posture for which to aim. Don’t keep your muscles or limbs stiff. If you have physical disabilities that doesn’t allow you to achieve this posture, you can still become a good singer through finding a posture that is suitable for you.

Ear training

Ear training is essential to any musician. Without developing an ear for the music, you cannot keep track of the notes and the pitch of your voice when you try to sing. The idea is to sing the right note at the right time in order to keep time with the song. There is no easy way to do this. You just have to listen to a lot of music, do a lot of singing and work hard on checking where you went wrong and then correcting it. The last part is where a voice coach can be of immense help.

Sight reading

Sight reading is essential for singers even though you might not always want to use the skill. But when you want to try out a new piece or go for an audition for a gig or a job, you might be glad you have learned to sight read music. Sight reading, in short, is the ability to read music. It’s a completely new language but you will have to learn it in order to be a singer. The trick to doing it right is to read large chunks of music while singing instead of individual notes, which can put you off time. Make sure your pop vocal lessons include this important aspect.

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