Why Play the Saxophone?


Before picking up any instrument, there are a number of questions that arises. Some of them are practical questions such as whether you can find a decent teacher or whether it is affordable, but some are much more personal. One of the questions that calls you to look deep within you is – why play the saxophone at all? Why choose this instrument out of all others, each more wonderful that the next? Only you can tell if you have the passion to play the sax, but we can give you great reasons to choose the saxophone as your first instrument! If you want more information on the sax, check out this website: www.saxophonelessonssingapore.com.

Produces soulful music

Anyone who has heard the sax being played cannot deny that it produces lovely music. The rich, deep and soulful tone of the sax makes it conducive to produce a romantic atmosphere. Many saxophonists feel that the sounds produced by the sax are unique and no other instrument could possibly match the sax. Of course, they may be prejudiced, but nevertheless, just listening to a good saxophonist playing is enough to prove their point. Once you have the sax in your hands, you will start to feel the rhythm of its music.

It’s versatile and used in different genres

Though the saxophone is generally classified as a jazz instrument and popular culture often limits players to certain genres of music, it is actually an instrument that lends itself to different genres of music easily. So while many people will urge you to take jazz saxophone lessons, there is no need to feel limited to the genre. From blues to rock, the sax is adaptable to all kinds of music, and the result usually merely depends on the skills of the player. The sax sounds wonderful, no matter what genre of music you are playing. However, if you want to stick with jazz, here is an interesting article that might be helpful to you: http://saxophonelessonssingapore.com/saxophone-jazz-lessons/.

Looks gorgeous and intricate

Let’s face it! For many people, the very idea of touching an instrument that doesn’t look good is not even to be considered. People want to look good when they are making music, as illogical as it might sound. The saxophone, with its artistic design and intricate fittings is the epitome of cool. It has a presence of its own and a well-maintained sax will draw eyes towards it. The instrument is as intricate and beautiful as can be found anywhere! So while the looks of the instrument should not be a major factor in your decision, it should be noted that the sax is a gorgeous-looking instrument.

Endless challenges

This might surprise you because facing challenges is daunting and an instrument that is difficult to learn is usually classified as a negative trait. But for many passionate musicians, it’s the challenges that keep them motivated. Once you have mastered the instrument, what is left? It just gets boring. But finding new challenges all the time with this complicated instrument is one of its major charms. It all depends on your attitude, but when there is something left to learn at the end of your sax lessons for the day, then you will look forward to it the next day. It is a definite motivation if you are a serious student / player of music.