Broadway Singing Lessons: Challenges Facing Broadway Singers – Part I


Broadway is a unique industry with its own set of problems usually not seen anywhere else. It takes some time for newbies to even realize all the problems they can face in their Broadway career. Life is tough for Broadway stars, whether you are just dreaming about it, taking Broadway singing lessons, rising in the ranks or are already popular in theatre. Let’s see some common problems that singers have in Broadway. But before doing this, you might want to check out how to prepare for Broadway in the first place here:

Closed doors

It is unbelievably tough to get into Broadway. If you have Broadway aspirations and are ready to work hard towards it, it is still not guaranteed. It is a closed door industry and it’s really hard to get the door to open just to let you in. You need the skills and the talent obviously, but you also need a lot of networking and contacts – people who back you up so you get that audition in the first place. And finally, you also need dollops of luck to top it all. This isn’t to discourage anyone, but if you are realistic, you can always prepare better. The only recourse you have is to network: go to shows, talk to people, and invest time and money in people who are already in the industry.


Fatigue goes hand in hand with a Broadway career, especially after you have created a mark for yourself. This is an industry which is relentless and demands everything you can put in. This is the industry where you have to do shows all the time or risk being forgotten. To continue to be relevant in Broadway, you must continue to learn new skills, and this means investing time and money in classes for acting, singing, instruments, etc. In addition, if you are just starting out and have a part time job elsewhere, it can take a great toll on you. There isn’t a lot you can do to change the situation but you can take better care of yourself. Sleep for eight hours, drink a lot of water, and make sure you get at least one hour to be alone or to have fun every day and eat a healthy diet.

Vocal problems

Broadway means continuous working on your singing. You have to practice in your spare time, you have to attend rehearsals, and you have to perform in shows frequently. This takes a great toll on your tool of the trade – your voice. It is very easy for Broadway singers to destroy their voice completely. To prevent this, hire a voice coach for vocal singing lessons – someone who can prevent you from getting into bad singing habits, which would eventually interfere with your performance. Learn how to strengthen your voice and develop good breathing habits. Train your voice to allow you to breathe while you sing. Keep your entire respiratory system in good shape with breathing exercises and a healthy lifestyle. Take care of a sore throat immediately without any delay. Don’t sing with a sore throat at all. It can only aggravate the problem.

Considering a career in Broadway is a good decision as Broadway has much to offer in terms of fame, money and job satisfaction, but at the same time, it also helps to understand the various challenges one might face and to take precautions against them. To gain more knowledge about the world of singing, check out