Flutes from Different Countries

The flute really is the oldest musical instrument known to humans, except for drums. In this context, it is also an instrument that is globally used and lends itself to different genres of music from different parts of the world. Here, we’ll see a little about flutes from different countries, which are still in use. If you want to get a better idea of the world of flute or learn how to play the flute, check out www.flutelessonssingapore.com.

Western Concert Flute

The most commonly learnt flute nowadays, the western concert flute has a tradition of more than thousand years. Nowadays, flutes are classified on the range of their keys. The flutes are mostly made of metal with silver plating. Nickel and gold plated flutes are also available. Some flutes are also made in wood, though these are no longer very common. For more information on beginner flutes in this genre of music, refer to http://flutelessonssingapore.com/types-of-flutes-beginners-can-use-for-flute-lessons/.

Indian Flutes

India has a long tradition of flutes and even Hindu epics make mention of the instrument. It developed independently of the Western flute and is generally made of bamboo and don’t have keys. There are two main types of flutes in India. The one used in the north is called bansuri and has eight finger holes and one embouchure. The venu is a flute with eight finger holes, used in south India. The bansuri is typically used in Hindustani music and the venu is used in Carnatic music.

Chinese Flutes

There are many types of Chinese flutes. The most used material for making flutes is the bamboo, but there are also flutes made of wood, jade, and iron. Though a number of flutes are in use in China, the most commonly used ones are the dizi and the xiao. Dizi is a bamboo flute with six holes and tightly wrapped threads to prevent cracks. The xiao is made of bamboo is an end-blown flute with eight finger holes and four vent holes.

Japanese Flutes

The Japanese flute is called the shakuhachi and is made of bamboo, ABS or hard woods. It is a very old flute and has survived up to modern times, though with a few variations. It is used to play classical Japanese music, traditional folk music, and zen music. Another flute from Japan is called hotchiku, which is only used for zen music.

Irish Flutes

The Irish flute is a simple system, transverse flute with six holes without keys. It is excellent for playing traditional Irish music because this genre of music doesn’t have much use for keys. The flute is made of wood and has a more reedy tone when compared to the more common western concert flutes.

North American Flutes

Many of the North American tribes have a rich history of traditional music and flutes were a common instrument. North American music is still very popular. The flutes are usually rim-blown and made of wood. Some tribes also use the duct flute, also made of wood. The tunes played are traditional music, not too complex, so doesn’t require many keys.

You can thus see that if you want to learn the flute, you have a number of options available. Of course, you need to find a good teacher and learn to appreciate the different genres of music, but it’s very rewarding once you get the hang of it.