Taking Flute Lessons on a Low Budget

We have all come across people who have some great gift which they have left lying by the wayside because they are not motivated to work on it or improve themselves. Sometimes, it is pure laziness and sometimes it is about life taking over. But it really feels bad when you see someone unable to reach their full potential due to budget constraints. Below are a few ideas for students with limited funds to learn how to play the flute, with a minimum budget. You can also consult www.flutelessonssingapore.com for more ideas.

Save on an instrument

One way of reducing cost is to find ways around buying an instrument. While flute is the cheapest of instruments, renting instead of buying can still make a difference to those really looking to cut down on their budgets. If you are really lucky, maybe a family member who is also interested in flutes will help you by lending you their flutes for you classes and practise, until you can scrape together the funds required to buy or hire your own. At any rate, beginner flutes are different from professional flutes and come at a much cheaper price.

Internet resources

The internet is a lifesaver when it comes to accessing endless resources for free or at a minimum expense. For those with a limited budget, this is a good way to gather and use information and knowledge. YouTube videos can show you how to play a piece and different sites have sheet music, video clips, advice on improving your technique, etc., all of which can be immensely helpful for a dedicated student.

Another option is to purchase music books and sheets second-hand. You might also want to join the public library and see if they have any relevant books on the subject. All this will reduce your cost regarding the materials.

You can find articles like these on how to get more out of your flute lessons and materials: http://flutelessonssingapore.com/helpful-tips-to-boost-your-flute-lessons/

Save on Tuition Fees

By joining group lessons, you can reduce your tuition expenses drastically because a flute teacher charges for their time as well as their expertise and knowledge. By sharing this time with other students, the cost automatically is lowered. Another advantage is that once you have made friends with other students, you will have someone to play or practise with even if you have to stop going to classes.

You can also negotiate for fewer lessons from a good teacher. But for this, you will have to put all your efforts into learning and make steady progress within the given time frame in order to get value for money. Then you can save up and take a few more lessons.

Another option you have is to barter services for lessons, if you have the necessary skills. If you know a foreign language, then offer to teach your teacher or one of their family members that in return for a few flute lessons. There is no limit to the number of services you can offer, as long as you are good at it, and it is something that the teacher might want.

Last, but not the least, if you can’t afford to hire a very experienced teacher, try hiring one of the advanced students. This should work well if you are at the beginning of your learning curve. Make sure to choose a student who has more knowledge than you.