Group vs. Private Pop Vocal Lessons

Singing lessons are beneficial to everyone, irrespective of the method they use. When considering classes for pop vocals, one of the main choices that one comes across is whether to take group or private lessons. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to both types of voice classes, so it really is up to you to decide which one suits you the best. Over time, you can also switch from one to the other if it no longer fits your requirements. For more information on pop vocals, check out this amazing site:

Group lessons

  • When it comes to group lessons, it is inevitable that the students will have a lot of fun. In fact, the more the merrier. Even though this might prevent you from getting individual attention, it is not always necessary for everyone, especially if you are only learning pop vocals for your own amusement or as a light hobby. For those who just want to try their hand at something new or to make new friends with a shared interest, group lessons are a blessing.
  • If you are taking group singing lessons, you might think that you can generally melt into the background. But even if you manage it at the initial stages, it will not last long. Sooner or later, you will be called on to perform a solo in front of the class so your individual performance can be gauged. The positive point of this is that it enables shy people to keep to the background, but at the same time, also helps in building their performance skills.
  • If you are not interested in performing solo and want to instead try out for a chorus, whether on a professional basis or otherwise, this is a great way to make sure you actually know and understand the intricacies of syncing your singing to the others’ voices. Working and learning constantly with other people will help you develop an ear for being at one with a chorus.

Private lessons

  • If you are really serious about your vocal pop classes and want to focus on developing your technique or fix your vocal faults, then private lessons are preferable, since you are more likely to get complete attention and every facet of your performance assessed minutely. If you feel you require a higher level or more hours of coaching, do consider opting for private one-to-one lessons.
  • If you are going for private lessons, then your teacher is very likely to tailor the classes according to your specific requirements. This means that you will be receiving customized material prepared just for you and you will spend more time working on your weak points or on what is more important to you. This would definitely not be possible in a group setting, which calls for a more generalized approach.
  • Opting for home vocal lessons especially makes sense if you are an advanced student who intends to either play professionally are is preparing for higher level grading exams. Once you have learned how to work with others and gained some confidence by singing in front of other people, it will not make much of a difference if you switch over to private lessons once you are sufficiently advanced. In fact, most advanced students prefer this, especially if they can afford it.

Ultimately, whichever option you choose, the result ought to be the same – you must be able to develop your own singing skills extensively. If you want to prepare in advance before starting your lessons, you can find a few tips here too: