Encouraging Kids to Take Acoustic Guitar Lessons

So you are an accomplished guitarist and want your children to learn the guitar. Or maybe you feel that you lack in the musical knowledge and want your son or daughter to shine. Perhaps your child has shown immense aptitude for music at a young age and you want to help them develop their talent. In any case, acoustic guitar is a great choice for children compared to other types of guitars. Whether you rent or buy a guitar for your child, make sure you find a teacher who knows how to teach children. For tips on how to get your child started on basic acoustic guitar lessons, you can read http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/starting-your-kid-on-acoustic-guitar-classes/. But let us see what you, as the parent, can do to help them along.

Choosing an instrument

Make choosing the right instrument for your child a priority. You will, of course, not want to buy the best instrument for your child at such a young age, especially while they still have no experience about it, but make the guitar appear exciting. Let them try out different guitars before choosing one, so that they don’t go by appearance alone. Factors such as comfort in holding the instrument, ease of play and weight must be considered before making the final purchase. Teach them more about the instrument so they will know how to treat it with reverence.

Make playing fun

Children hate lessons, so make sure that their lessons don’t take such an approach. Let them play on the guitar by themselves and develop an ear for the music rather than insist on good technique at all times. That can come once they are grown up enough and decide they need to learn more. Remember that it is their decision to make, not yours. Your job is just to provide a glimpse of the wonderful world of music and to make sure they have the opportunity to learn. Let them enjoy playing popular songs and if possible, try and provide them with a room where they can make all the noise they want.

Follow up

If your child is taking classes from a teacher, follow up on their progress. If you are musically inclined, you will even be able to keep an eye on your child and see if they are actually benefitting from their lessons. Not all teachers know how to teach kids and students are not always compatible with their teachers. Listen to any complaints your child makes and follow up on whether it can be resolved or not. Make any changes that your child requests regarding their lessons for guitar. You can consult www.guitarlessonssingapore.com for more information on guitar teachers.

Involve your child

From buying the guitar to choosing a teacher to the actual playing, listen to what your child is saying. Sometimes, they prefer one music genre over another or they might not be interested in practicing a particular song. Don’t force them into anything because that might just turn them away from music altogether. Discuss the various options with your kid and let him or her decide what and how they want to learn. Having the child involved in all decision making is important as it gives them motivation and an incentive to work on their music.

In the end, what is really important is that your child learns well and develops a passion for the guitar. If you can foster this passion in them, then the rest will take care of itself.