Options for Jazz Guitar Learning Lessons


When considering taking lessons for guitar at any level, there are a considerable number of options available, as can be seen from exploring the website: www.guitarlessonssingapore.com. The problem lies more in the choice than the availability. However, this can be a good thing as you can weigh the pros and cons of each choice and decide according to your needs and limitations. You can also easily switch from one option to the other if your circumstances and needs change over the course of your learning. Let us see what the advantages of each option are.

Group lessons

  • If budget is a factor, then group guitar lessons will mean lower expense. Sharing your lessons with other students places less time constraint on the teacher who then reduces the price.
  • You learn how to practice with others and how to perform in a group, which is important if you intend to perform gigs in a band. This will also rub out your rough patches and help in overall improvement.
  • The competitive spirit remains high and it gives you an incentive to improve and learn quickly.

Private lessons

  • Students having trouble in keeping pace with the rest of the class should opt for private lessons. This is also applicable to students who are far ahead of their peers.
  • These are flexible and are suitable for a very busy person, who cannot commit to regular group lessons. Make sure to find a teacher who can be flexible, though.
  • Travel time will be reduced, which means you can use that time for practicing. You also don’t need to lug your guitar about whenever you have to attend classes. This is especially a great plus for children.

Web lessons

  • This is a great resource for those tied to the home due to lack of time or are too busy to find the time for scheduling classes. Just switch on your computer and you are ready to roll!
  • You can make contacts and start long-lasting relationships with people you meet online, based on your shared interest. This will automatically improve your chances of working professionally as a jazz guitarist.
  • There is a lot more flexibility with web jazz guitar lessons than any other option. You can ask for your lessons to be customized fully to your needs.

Books & Videos

  • Books and videos covering important topics on techniques and basic skills are essential for any musician. As important as a teacher is, there is simply no way to proceed without a good explanatory resource which you can consult whenever you like.
  • For those unwilling or unable to find the money for regular classes with a decent teacher, books and videos can to some extent assist you in learning, especially once you have a good basis.
  • Good learning videos or books usually have a large number of examples that will help you learn well. It is unlikely you will be able to find such an extensive resource anywhere else.

You can also check out some web resources for learning the guitar. This article has a wealth of information on this subject: http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/guitar-resources/. Irrespective of which option you are choosing, it is important to remember that you choose a good teacher or resource for imparting you with the knowledge properly and sufficiently. At the same time, you too need to put in some decent practice in order to show ongoing improvement.