Where and How To Find the Right Teacher for Cello Lessons in Your Community

If your child tells you that he / she wants to learn to play the cello, how would you react? Excited? Puzzled? Affirmative? Negative? Your answer may be any one or two of the above. Yet one thing will probably cross your mind. Where and how can you find good cello teachers? Of course, you want the best, but you need to find someone who is accessible. Travelling great distances could add unnecessary stress to your child. Thus, you definitely prefer someone who is within or in close proximity to your community.

Your community is your best starting point. Here are some places where you could start:

a. Word-of-Mouth: A friend-who-knows-a-friend could be one of your best reliable sources.

b. Word-of-mouse: A random shout-out on your Facebook or other social media accounts could give you good recommendations and results.

c. Cello Students and / or Parents: Cello students or a student’s parent can give you personal insights about the teacher’s personality and teaching style.

d. Local Music Stores: Your friendly neighborhood music shop may have a list or know regular cello customers. Perhaps some of them could most likely be cello teachers.

Concerts and Recitals. Attend school recitals and local concerts where cello and other string instrumentalists and students will be playing. You may directly ask the students who their teachers are. Perchance, you could meet a cello teacher who is part of the show or a spectator as well.

Colleges and Universities. Try to inquire at the music department of universities or colleges. Professors may agree to give private lessons or can recommend other teachers. Or they may offer the gig to an advanced cello student who may want to teach to earn extra income.

Community symphony or chamber group. Check out your local symphony or orchestra cellists and other musicians. They could be good resource persons or they, themselves may be willing to teach.

The internet. Your search for a cello teacher could happen at your fingertips. Without leaving your seat, you may find their names, locations, profiles and credentials.

When you have narrowed down your list of potential candidates, a face-to-face meeting should be in order. With this, you ought to given them an evaluation of their skills, credentials, and experiences. Here are activities that you can request from them:

Interview: By talking to them, you can get information on their qualifications, terms and conditions, and teaching styles.

Observation: You may request him to allow you to ‘sit-in’ in one of his classes. From here, you can observe his actions and methods. If he ‘walks the talks’, so to speak.

Trial Lesson: This would be a good starting point for both teacher and student. This gives the teacher a chance to show and convince the parent and/or the student of his capability to teach. Moreover, this is the starting point where student and teacher could get to know each other. In this way, both could determine whether their personalities click or not.

Let’s face it. Cello teachers may be few and far between. However, if you know where and how to look, you could definitely find one.

Knowing how to play the cello can really be a rewarding achievement. You can either make a career out of it or just enjoy playing it for your own enjoyment. You may also provide entertainment for your family and friends for every formal or informal gathering. Attending cello lessons will also gain you new friends and connections. They can help you further your career in music. With the right teacher, you will never go wrong in taking up lessons on this wonderful instrument.