A child learns best when he is having fun.  He may also gain more confidence in pursuing learning new skills when the initial steps are easy. If you are thinking of a ‘kid-friendly’ music instrument, the ukulele could be your best bet. Ukulele lessons are ideal for younger children who will be learning a musical instrument for the very first time.

The ukulele or ’uke‘ for short, belongs to the family of stringed instruments.  The uke is the guitar’s ‘little brother’.  They  look quite the same, and playing methods are similar too. Both are played using chords and produce sounds by strumming the strings.  However, the ukulele is smaller and only has four strings.

Reasons why the ukulele could be a simple yet exciting musical instrument for your child:

  1. Less Strings:   With only four strings, your child’s tiny hands and fingers could easily handle and reach the strings and the uke’s fret board.
  1. Soft Strings: Other stringed instruments like the guitar or banjo have strings made out of steel for better sound quality. Handling steel strings require more force and pressure.  Pain and stress could be a deterrent or it may even be traumatic for your child.  The uke has nylon strings.  Thus, it is softer and more manageable for your children’s small and delicate fingers.
  1. Simple, Easy to Play Chords:  Your child could easily execute a ukulele chord with just one finger. And yes, he can actually play a song using those one-fingered chords.  With proper guidance from ukulele teachers and ample practice, kids would also find playing the two and three finger chords a piece of cake!
  1. Easy to Strum: The four soft strings of the ukulele make strumming easy and almost effortless for children.  Young kids could readily pick up the rhythm and do coordinated strumming with the single-finger and simple chord patterns.
  1. Lightweight and Compact:  Your child’s small body frame could easily carry this light-as-feather instrument.  The size of the ukulele is a perfect fit on your child’s small hands and tiny fingers.  He could easily grip the neck and fret board. He could wrap his arms round the uke’s body frame while reaching to touch the strings for strumming.
  1. Convenient and On-The-Go:  You can play the ukulele practically anytime, anywhere.  It could easily fit into a bag or you could just carry it with your hands.  Perfect for road trips, bonfires, or just chillin’ with family or friends.  An impromptu jamming or sing-along could develop confidence in performing before an audience.
  1. Appealing and Heartwarming: A ukulele is a “cute” instrument.  It does not look intimidating in the eyes of a child.  It has that loveable appeal.  Kids can easily hold and cuddle it. It has a lilting sound that brings joy and cheer.
  1. Ease in Transitioning to a Guitar:  The principles of playing the ukulele is very similar to that of a guitar or other stringed instruments. Thus, making your child more capable of handling and adjusting to the complexities of guitar playing.


Ukulele lessons for your child could heighten his interest in music. He may seriously pursue it. Or it could even serve as a springboard for him to explore and venture into other musical instruments.  Either way, your child would definitely enjoy and have fun learning it.

Adults would also find this fun to learn while supervising their children’s ukulele lessons. With the simple chords and strumming techniques of this wonderful instrument, most adults can play it just by idly looking on or sitting in in your child’s classes. Take the lessons and have fun learning the ukulele with your kids now!